The Incredible Hulk, Jonas Thornqvist (3D)


Title: The Incredible Hulk
Name: Jonas Thornqvist
Country: Sweden
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop

With the new Hulk movie coming out I wanted to do my own version of the Hulk. It proved to be pretty hard to model something with that much mass and still keep him looking human.
That said, I had great fun making him!

Go here for my WIP thread:



5 Stars! Great modeling and render. Love the expression on his face!


That’s simply amazing. Love the lighting. :smiley:


Awesome :eek:


Splendid! Terrific!
Similars, creators of the film were not away get rich such model!
Uniquely “5”… Want You success!


As promised when I saw the WIP…

Great work!


wonderful work jonas. there have been many 3d versions of the hulk, but this, i think beats most of them!


Great work. Much closer to Herb Trimpe’s classic 60s Marvel Hulk then the contemporary sweaty blob of slime in the trailers :slight_smile:


-true indeed.
congrats on the frontpage. much deserved.



Just great. :eek:



Well deserved, great work. Congratulations


incredible indeed , 5*


Absolutely amazing modeling and general feeling…well deserved FP :thumbsup:


Dat is da bomb, baby!!!

Nice touch with the steam coming off his body!


Woah the final model is really good…

The skin shader is perfect…

Good Job…



I like this. Thumbs up!

The WIP is gold. Very nice to see the progress. More of this!:slight_smile:


i wish you fixed the feet. the toes look all spread out and box-like.

other than that everything looks great.


Im glad there’s only one of you, else the rest of us would have to move to Khazakstan to find a CG job :thumbsup:

And have you used a chromatic aberration effect or are my eyes playing tricks with me?


I have follow your wip, very inetresting and the final result is perfect. Congrats !


sick work! brilliant job done!