THE INCREDIBLE HULK! color render, harrygk (2d)


Title: THE INCREDIBLE HULK! color render

Name: harrygk

Hey guys I am sharing color render of HULK I did for my friend Dan DynamicMenace… Main HULK body, head and base sculpted by me (Gaurav Kumar). 3 other switch out heads sculpted by great artists- Hossein Diba, Caleb Nefzen and Sheridan Doose. Its was such a pleasure to be a part of a project with such biggies of the sculpting industry. Hope you guys like it .


great stuff! the second from last is my favorite (Hulk style-wise)


I prefer #5 personally, the eyes remind me of the TV series, the hair could be a little more “poofy” and it would be great! Well done on all of them. Great stuff!


#Remi Yes some characters have been taken from ferrigno Hulk from TV series… Well knoticed. Thanks for liking the sculpts


#bilbob I like that one as well. Potret done my my friend #Sheridan Doose