The hunter, Simona Ceci (2D)


Title: The hunter
Name: Simona Ceci
Country: Italy

This is may latest concept sketch, just spent little time on it. At first i just wanted to recreate an environment just for practicing but then after almost finished it i decided to make it a little bit more fantasy. I hope you like it.

Thanks you all.


Amazing forest. Very good colours and the whole picture.


Great !!!
I like the colours…
5 stars !!!


Really nice work!
Il like color, composition and style… very cool! :buttrock:

keep it up! :bowdown:


really really nice =)


wow!:applause: amazing work, the forest is realy great, color, light… it’s all wonderful!



hi Simona
i think this is another master piace from you…
this pict celebrate your new fashion-turner-supervisor-position here


5* imho




the komposition is really great building a good focus both with colours and shapes around the character in the middle. colour palette feals really thought through and it looks realy united with a good depth even though the contrast in value is low.
there is a good perspective where you realy se how tiny the character is in this huge forest. and that gigantic creature in the background sure adds to the wild, overwhelming and dangerous feeling of it.
Great work!


Thanks a lot for all comments!:wip:


Great use of colors and brushes! Another beautiful illustration :applause:


sorry my Off Topic but this artwork remember me Patapon for PSP… :rolleyes:
Otherwise is really great!




very goog


Patapon in a great game ahah, thanks for comparison!


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