The Hunter, Alessandro Baldasseroni (3D)


Title: The Hunter
Name: Alessandro Baldasseroni
Country: Italy
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, ZBrush

Sometime back i had the chance to make this Hunter cinematic model for the Hellgate London`s game cinematic , realized by Blur Studio.
Later on came this illustration , hope you like it !



aouch…scuse me, like your avatar, i’m going to hang myself… :banghead:
such a background and real warrior !
Just amazing !

another view of big ben tonight ! :smiley:



Really Incredible picture! You are the best! :thumbsup:
Five stars of course.


hum…i forgot the model :smiley:


some more :


Love the details and the colors. Excellent work. :slight_smile:


another great great great image!!!

sei un grande!!!


we have a giant print of this at work…its bad ass man.


The colour scheme is great. ***** Great piece.


awesome illustration,
really like the texturing in particular :slight_smile:


hi man! very very good your personage 5 stas *****


I only have to read your name, to know there’s a really great picture waiting for me! You’r one of the best artist’s i ever seen bevore! Congratulation for this great work!!

Keep it up! :wink:

€dit **** + * Stars!

regards, B3liar


Alessandro, i love everything you do, you got a incredible talent.
Molto bello


Great work. The model is cool enough, but the background you did really shows it offf well.


Strike a light that is some damn good modelling, the texture and model detail is amazing! Is there any chance on seeing a wireframe shot and the texture layout just to get an idea of your workflow?!

Keep up the top quality work.


great work Alessandro! Great character–great render.


Nice work, 5*'s, awesome


my god this is excellent work

im guessing that the ‘balda’ text on his upper arm is a sort of signature? :wink:

gonna clean the drool off my keyboard now…


Another stunning character, Alessandro. Really blow´s my mind. A lot of stars from me .:beer:


amazing work!! :eek: