The Human Skin, Cvetomir Georgiev (3D)


This is truly terrific work!The attention to detail and asymmetry really help to sell it.:thumbsup:

I’d also be very interested in your texture/shader workflow.


Absolut amazin model and total real textures of skin this ise cool job and top ranking:thumbsup:


Outstanding skin texture.


Hey that looks exactly like me! :cool:

Great job!


holy freakin crap, that looks pretty amazing.


that’s some really nice work…can you tell us a bit about your shader setup in 3dsmax?


:bounce:Great work man !!! Respect !!!:buttrock:


very nice!. Can we see the head?


That is great work indeed - Would be great if you could share some of your knowledge with the community :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats on a great job.


I’m already late for tonight’s RPG with my friends but couldn’t resist to tell you how much i’m impressed by this work, it’s amazingly good ! CONGRATS !!!


I wish I had a body like that! Now for the version after he drinks Mt. Dew and sits infront of his computer for 12 hours a day eating corn dogs and pop corn.

Very awesome!


Wow! Yes sir. Nice model. Excellent shader and texture work. Looking forward to seeing how you push the female. Cheers.

-Anwar Bey-Taylor


Outstanding work! you can’t recieve anything less than 5 stars for this one. :slight_smile: sculpting is good but texturing is really what makes it stand out from the rest.

/ Magnus


wow, that is scarily realistic!
As in: NOT digital! O__O


Pretty awesome torso. Looks almost real.

Textures are fantastic, and the anatomy looks dead on.

Now how about the rest of the body?


This is awesome!!! Keep up the good work!


yeah sexy like steroids

but very nice work


Whoa, that is simply amazing work.

Awesome modelling and texturing.

The bar has been set high, now if only I can get mine to look that good…


very very thanks !

shimrodd and lukx - the texture was taken from a very low quality photo, most of it is drawn in photoshop

TheMiyamotoMusashi - modelling took me 2 hours, the shader and render a painstaking week of testing

cooperunionstud and ejann99 - i`ve focused on the torso, not looking to model a head just yet

thanks alot people… im real glad you like my work, thank you for the front page its a real honour for me… as for the shader and textures here`s the process.
just to mention that the texture is really small and all the detail comes from the materials and layers of the skin
thanks again

PS1: thanks to my good friend ed mattinian for the bandwith :] 10x Edd !

PS2: sorry for the long post :frowning: