The Human Skin, Cvetomir Georgiev (3D)


Title: The Human Skin
Name: Cvetomir Georgiev
Country: Bulgaria
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, ZBrush

hi all , ive been trying to make realistic human skin lately... and this is the result ... hope you like it.... rendered in mental ray and modelled in zbrush. Im working on a female now …

used zbrush to make a model and to draw out directly on the model where i wanted to have veines and red spots. I basicly used Zbrush and Photoshop for texturing

that`s all from me, cheers :}


Wow, it’s sexy! Great work! :thumbsup:


very 10x LadyPurple :slight_smile:

big version :
(can you see the linked images ? )


Great work!!
One of the best work on human skin i’ve seen.


holy sh1t thats good!


:eek: OMG!It’s very Perfect!!!
5 star!


this is front page stuff ! :scream:


Very, very nice! It looks really great!
Could you give us some info on how you have set up your shaders and texture layers?

Inspiring stuff! :thumbsup:


Spectacular work - plugged. :slight_smile:


amazing work, 5 * from me :wink:


I see someone is using my butt for reference again. Great work, very very good skin.


Wonderful anatomy skill!!! 5*



Awesome !! Crazy realisation ! :cool:

Have you made your maps from photos or is it only painting ?

Great great stuff… :thumbsup: I miss the whole body but I can’t wait to see a woman perfectly made like that.


great. maybe only this word.

I am shocked.


I like how you nailed the highlights in combination with the sub surface scattering, very convincing.


Awesome! nailed it! :thumbsup:


I saw this on Zbrush Central over the weekend (Keeping that page as reference for some of my future work).

Supurb work!!!



Grate work. I’m just curious… did you paint everything form scratch or you used some textures from photographs?


Wow dude how long did you work on this?


Body part u made is pretty good, but the best challenge is to create human’s head . How do u think?