The Hideous


Hello all…

Been working away on this and just wanted to share, triangle count…I am looking at approx 10,000 polygons when it’s done, still much more goodness to do on this still, but I will try update regularly with this…

Rough Concept…

Low polygon…



Nice. Another quality creation from the warped mind of the Wooster. One thing bothers me though… thats not a lot of pixels for such a big creature!! Look forward to updates. :slight_smile:


Did you make that model out of just that concept picture?? that’s totaly amazing :applause:. did you use refrences/blue shets (side, front, etc) ??


This is exactly what I have thought

Great job so far. Morbid concept.


DUDEEEEEE!!! How You can do this to me?? You are killing me, againnnnnn .
You have too much time :scream: . Give me some :slight_smile: I won;t say anything about this … I’m injured.
Oki I will say something … IT’S SO FU**ing AWESOME!!
I thing it could be Your the best work so far. Keep us updatin
ANd one last thing -> :bowdown:
Nothing more :slight_smile:
Take care mate.


Really like this concept Johnwoo, love what you have done with head so far. Looking forward to watching this progress.


WOOO!! He’s at it again :smiley:

One thing that seems a tad bit off to me is the scale of the heads. Theys seem a bit small in comparison to the concept. The mouth area (from below the nose/s) could be longer too.

The abdomen seems a bit to long as well. I know the creature is leaning forward a bit in the drawing, but it still seems a bit too long to me (or perhaps a tad bit fatter).

Keep going… I’m just waiting to see the texture work next.


Awesome, looks like something straight from altered states!. Great concept.


nice concept and nice model, but the arms seems to be a little bit to short (also concerning the concept sketch


I can’t wait to see more of this. Simply great start!



Sweeet! So this is what you’ve been toiling away on. Nice one Lee.

I’m curious how you’ll animate the folds around the mouth - you will rig the mouth, right? :slight_smile:

I too am concerned about the length of his arms, they’re not long enough to scratch his meat and two veg! Man, that guy is gonna itch big time - is that why he’s got that expression on his face? :wink:

Anyways, you’re putting me to shame… I’ll have to see about speeding up to catch up!


Really nice start start johnwoo - Great piece of zbrush too :slight_smile: I cant wait to get to that stage !! I’d beef up his arms in size, to give more of that grotesque hulk factor that youve got going on in the concept - but other than that hes looks really good. Nice job :thumbsup:


so far so good.the concept is brilliant.
keep up the good work!


I like the smaller, more angular teeth in the concept a bit better - those longer teeth don’t suit the design as well. Otherwise its lookin awesome, will be watching!


I agree with adam - those shorter, more human teeth look better than the sharper ones. Excellent work! A new monster from mister woo always goes down well in my book :thumbsup:
Cant wait to see the texture job on him - speshley now youre using zbrush as well.
I love the bulky shoulders and man-boobs on him, but i think the fingers are a little high-poly, and the toes look a little cartoony. Im sure they will look great in the end when you work your texture magic on it!


Hello all…

kaisasose: HAHA…thanks man…about the pixels tho’…it’s a lot sharper in ZB…it’s just that I scaled out just before taking a screen grab, next update will be higher resolution…:slight_smile:

xX_exige_Xx: Thanks dude…yep…I did…I just concepted purely in a “mood” pose as I had a such a strong idea of what I wanted ya know…but nope…no blue sheets, ref etc…

eMPeck: HAHA…Thanks…

Por@szek: HAHA…cheers man…appreciated…loads more goodness to come…:thumbsup:

CG_Gordon: Cheers…and thank you for the good words, the heads WILL move independantly also, to create a more surreal, twisted creature…to me it’s an important feature to this creature…cheers again…

mindrot: HAHA…yep…at it again…the heads were a concious decision as previously I did have them a bit larger, but found it was something that worked in the concept but not so strong in 3d, so the compromise is what you see here now.
the mouth area is more a neutral position that will extend more when it’s rigged/weighted, the torso does look a bit long, but in the concept he’s more slumped, unfortunately I won’t model in that pose for fear of reprocussions later on, but I’ll look into it tho’…:thumbsup:

Psyko: Cheers man!..:slight_smile:

Seebaer: Thanks…yep I agree with the arms, they are quite shorter on the model compared to the concept…That’ll change next update…

Twitchy: Thank you…

WHW: HAHA…Yep…they are man boobs…and yep…they will jiggle aswell, yep the mouth will be rigged, actually both the heads will move independantly (within reason) to be more precise, yep…arms will be fixed next update, they’ll be much longer…thanks again matey!..

Hazardous: Thanks man, Ooh good call on beefing up his arms, more mass sounds good to me tbh…consider it done…I guess I just needed a 2nd opinion…:thumbsup:

blz: Sweet…thanks man…:slight_smile:

Adam: Yeah…I did change it a bit, they were smaller to begin with, I guess I wanted more exaggeration…I’ll see what can be done by the next update…

Andy: Yep…I’ll work something out with teeth next update, also I put those loops in the hands to better use, next update will demonstrate this, the feet will look less cartoony and more…convincing when textures are applied to it…thanks for the crits…appreciated…

Ok…updates to come soon…:slight_smile:


Man this is AWESOME WORK!

John you’re getting better with each model, we’re not worthy bows


You…sure…use a…lot of… ellipses… when you… type…

Great concept! This is shaping up to be your best model yet.


Awesome Concept and model so far johnwoo:thumbsup:

gotta wonder though, why are you calling him/it Hideous? he’s adorable… in a Cave Troll sorta way…


love it man, once again i expect great work from you ! why not adding like skulls or arms, stuff like that emerging from his skin, like if he had absorved it ? that would surely make it hideous ! :smiley: