The Hellmaker , pablo vicentin (3D)


Title: The Hellmaker
Name: pablo vicentin
Country: Argentina
Software: Photoshop, XSI, ZBrush

Hi there, well finally, is finish, I 've been working on this dude on and off for several moths. I wanted to create some kind twisted cyborg charater and the main inspiration for this model was the chaos defiler from warhammer 40.000 along with other characters from the inquisitor series.
The model was done in xsi for the most part and zbrush for the human torso. the background is a matte painting done with images in Photoshop and some 3d models inXSI.
I hope u like it. comment and critic are welcome.


here are a few more renders of the character:


Final image is amazing dude! Nice to see this finished :thumbsup:


it’s looking sweet dude! Very nice metal texturing, and the final illustration is well put together, nice choice to have an up shot angle.


pierre :thumbsup:


i expect no less than this from you,
awesome work buddy.
keep it coming. :slight_smile:


This is awesome work!! The final image turn out really good!! 5 stars from me!!


Woohhoooooo… Pablo You Rock !!! :buttrock:

definitely 5 stars from me !!

Great Design !!


Pablo…from working with you at EA to seeing your work now, you have grown as an artist in leaps and bounds my friend. your work speaks for its self…simply amazing.

Great job man!! :slight_smile:


Great details,excellent work on texturing :thumbsup:
4 stars ****


top row! congratulations…


As usual Pablo you’re master!


Great work … Nice Details


Wow! Great Work Pablo! :thumbsup:


perfect metal textures and materials and suberb overall model I like it so much :thumbsup:


frontpage please. :wink:


Simply :eek: :eek: :eek:


Hey Guys , thanks a lot for the comments.
Nice to see all my old mates from Canada and Singapore in this forum.


WOw man this is Some Impressive work …



Great work!


Thanks guys for the comments.
This is the original concept I started with for this creature.