The heart of black wolves, Yuriy Mazurkin (2D)


Title: The heart of black wolves
Name: Yuriy Mazurkin
Country: Russia
Software: Painter, Photoshop

At first it was a sketch of a female from life. I painted it in Painter X. Then I got the idea of the big picture. Therefore I looked through a lot of pictures and videos of animals (including bears) to depict the wolves. I finished work in Photoshop CS3. I used a lot of transparent layers for scumbling.


Well done!
i like it :wink:


this is masterpiece of work!!:beer::shrug:


wow, great work, wonderful ambience and the treatment and the skin color of women is good, very good. :bowdown:


great work :slight_smile:
I like skin shader and details of jewellery…


AWESOME!! Beautiful! Wonderful lighting it is very weird…and bring me into your world! I love the way you made the dimension and perspective, it looks like painting on the wall…Wonderful Masterpiece and 5 stars!! Cheers.


Privet, Yuriy. Outstanding textures! I love it.


fantastic work! :deal:


Phenomenal. I can’t stop looking at it!


Beautiful work, looks like a fantasy classic masterpiece :applause:


I told you, man. Probably the best digital painting I ever seen. Sincerely. Chapeau!!!:beer:


Master piece! the woman´s skin is awesome :bowdown:




2 Pietrocaro, Dogjausreily, Multic, KarimNassar, Fess1001, MikeThom: Thanks a lot! I’m very glad that you like this pic!

2 Samuraikuroi: Privet, Christopher! Thank you! :slight_smile:
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Simply amazing, it would make a perfect oil painting, this should get an award.


This is a excellent peice. Great composition and wonderfully painted.

One of the best I have seen hear in a while. Has a oil painting feel and depth to it.

Front page work!!


awesome I love the classical mood that the piece has, It could use some more brighter spots here and there, but it looks awesome the way it is…



Maybe some stronger “God” rays as Merhan has said. But that would be it.


2Kazziu: Thanks a lot! Glad that you like it!

2Mehran: Thanks for your comment!

2BldRnr: Thank you very much for your kind words, Alan!


Great piece! I love the fact that the Lady’s characteristics more like the classic modell type. On the other hand beautiful lighting, palette and overal detail rendering - as the others mentioned before - indeed. However I like that this being not too theatrical at all. Cool job!

Keep it up! :thumbsup: