The Hapless Villain-character/hq-wildsheepchase


Just starting my thread. This is going to be a great challenge!:smiley:
I’ll try to get some sketches up after work tonight.
Good luck everyone!:beer:


im making it a point to watch these 2d threads, cause this challenge really lends itself to them… im sure your will kick the bootie to!


Here’s my first concept. This is Madame Hervaville, the widow of the successful ostrich rancher, Percy Hervaville. Bitter because she was shunned by high society, she has trained her herd of ostriches to follow,obey,and destroy. She and her herd spend their time crashing high society galas, tea parties, ballet performances, fine art receptions and anything else Madame Hervaville was not invited to. A minor annoyance to the elite and a beloved cult figure to some…

This is just a rough sketch. If I go with this concept, there will be a whole herd of ostriches behind her and maybe a few other surprises:D
c&c welcome!:wip:

King Mob: I’m going to keep a better eye on the 3d challenges this month. Congrats on your win…your entry was awesome!:buttrock:


One more sketch tonight…this one should look a bit more refined, I think.


are the ostriches Giant sized ? or is she a small woman ? just seems the sizes were closer on the first one.
great concept though I like it :wink:


Stygian, you’re right about the size!:smiley: In reality, ostriches aren’t that big. It wasn’t exactly intentional to make them giant…so I’ll probably play around with the size of the woman. It’s probably more comical to see a rider almost the same size as the bird anyhow…thanx for pointing that out:thumbsup:
Anymore c&c on the concept, anyone? Is it a :thumbsup: or a :thumbsdow ?


I like the concept of the character. It’d probably be funnier if she were riding a smaller ostrich rather than equal size. I think she definately needs a look of dissapproval. She looks rather happy for a villian. Push the cartoon skills in you … this is a great challenge to over exagerate your character designs.



Hey, thanx for the crit Kirt:beer:
I haven’t really tried starting from a clean line drawing, so I thought I’d give it a shot this time. I tried to scale down the size of the ostrich and give the woman a meaner look.


nice start. might put a strap over the beak to make the bit look a litte more like a harness.

and you get a :thumbsup: for putting the bow tie on an ostrich. :smiley:


this concept is really funny…I love the cruela devile look of her to hehe…

good work man, lets see some more!


As much as I enjoyed your last challenge efforts I think I’ll enjoy this one as much if not more.Very nice look already.I like the concept very much.As King Mob stated the cruela devilelook is really intersting to me as well.She has this real “cannot not notice look to her”…I think a woman like her would actually ride the bigggest of the ostriches,always wanting the biggest and best of everything attitude is what I get from her looks.

               Exxagerate everything,the look really calls for it.The concept is  great,but with exxageration she will go off the charts.Looking forward to your progress. :thumbsup: :beer:


sheep #2 :beer: (or would you prefer #1 cuz factory hasnt claimed either)

yeaaa ostrich herd…right. this is truly gonna be great :slight_smile: eventually have her standing with one foot on two ostriches, standing between them like they do with horses

you can get very creative with a herd of ostriches and an old woman :shrug:


Ok…this is my final sketch, I think. I’m going to start coloring tonight.

Slacker: Thanks! I’ll make sure to put a strap over the beak…good suggestion :thumbsup: I think all the ostriches will have something special in the final image along the lines of the bowtie. :smiley:

King Mob: Thanks dude!:beer:

Virtuoso:Thanks for the kind words:D I experimented with the different sizes and I’m finding that the smaller ostrich does look more humorous so that’s what I’m going with. However, I’m going to make sure that the ostrich that the woman is riding looks as if it’s received “extra attention”. I’m really trying to exaggerate this character…a big challenge for me. I haven’t really done a lot of cartoony stuff before:D

Risibility: Hey thanx! Not a bad suggestion with the riding of the two ostriches…hehe. Maybe I’ll get around to making multiple images:beer:


An update…still in the underpainting phase:


Love the new tea party setting. That works much better than the previous sketch. Keep going! It’s looking fantastic! :thumbsup:


lol. :applause: I like this one better too. maybe put a wine glass in her hand instead of the whip. looking great so far.


Well…I didn’t get very much work done on this in the last couple of days, but here’s an update anyhow:

Thanks for the feedback slacker and Kirt:beer:


Ok…well, I’ve found some time to work on this. I ended up reworking the sketch…again:rolleyes: While I liked the general composition on the one before this, I didn’t think the main character was large enough in the frame to get the level of detail I wanted on her face/body. Hopefully, this new one works. Let me know what you guys think:wip:


And another update:

I think I’m done for tonight:beer:


Rather absurd character… I wonder how her failure will be.