The Hapless Hero - Character - Stimpy



im going to do the sketch-dyslexic CGTalk-Challenge Participant. cause thats how i feel right now.

but actually i´m kind of toying with the idea of SharkMan, who is afraid of the water, some guy in trunks with a fin tied to his back and a shark helmet, standing at the water afraid to go in.
additionally he will have some of those inflatable wings and a swim ring…

humm hummm… i´ll try some more sketching otherwise i will post the sketch i whipped up first. har


Sounds cool :slight_smile:



if only my sketch wouldnt look like a 4 year old had drawn it… arrrr


Heh. There are some very talented 4 year olds out there!


if i ever was one of them then my talent sure detoriorated over the years… well im going to try one last time to brush up my initial sketch and if it still looks crap, im just going to post it… phear my wacom skillz. :0


Hey Stimp. Sounds cool, I’m not very good at sketching either so just give it to us!Weee!


dont lie totte. i saw your sketch…
argh. just spend another 5 minutes trying to make it look better and failed. stay tooned. :confused:


ok. feel free to laugh now…

hopefully my final picture will look a bit better… :confused:


wacom sketch?
I don’t think I could do better if I even had a wacom :eek: :shrug:

but the concept sounds cool, good luck in the challenge :wavey: :thumbsup:


good sketch, nothing to be ashamed of, shows your idea just perfectly



I love your sketch
it’s brilliant!


well in the final piece i HOPE to alter his physique a bit, that he will have a rather small lower body and this big muscled chest, so that it contrasts with those little inflatable wings thingies…

thats supposed to be a helmet on his head, btw… maybe i shouldve put in an opening at the bottom. my bad.


Haha! Funny sketch stimp!


I love that pose! It’s great!:love:

I like it already Stimpy.


he looks goofy. Can’t wait to see it in 3d!


so, finally started modelling… first pic here now…

i am not QUITE happy with it, and its still missing that bone on the inside of the feet, if you know which one i mean, forgot about it but am finished with it for today… besides theres not going to be a close up of them anyway… style i was aiming for was a bit stylized, turned out more realistic i think than i originally planned.

sorry for the hulk colors… :smiley:


Hey stimps!

The feet look a lot better than before!

Now, let’s see the rest of him!:wink:


Stimpy: The sketch served it’s purpose quite well.You conveyed your theme very well. It’s also a funny theme. His aqua-phobia and who he is makes this a true contradiction with a capital “C”. That’s what makes it sooooo very funny.

         The feet look good,nice job. I think as you say this model should get a more toon or caricature type exxagerated touch. Create a more "Bulbous" tip to the toes perhaps?:) 

         Well Stimpy I'll check on you later,you have a nice concept and a good modeling start thus far.:beer:


Hi to teh stimpy. teh feat loook vary good.

One thing that i see is a ridge on the big toe.

But other than that they look fantastic to me…


Baaaaaah! And you said you couldn’t model feet!:smiley:

Great, but the toes could possibly be a bit more rounded.