The Hapless Hero - character - Kirt



So many ideas … so little time!
I’ll be coming back to this, just reserving some space for now.


this time none of you 2d guys cans ay we 3d guys ignore you, im makingit a point to watch both :wink:





I’m watching you Kirt


I have a feeling most of us won’t stand a chance against you in the comic department, Kirt! Can’t wait to see your concepts:beer:


Well, I have about 3 different ideas for heros already. I just have to find some free time to draw them. My favorite so far is The Sloth! He’s always a week late to save the day. :smiley:

Sounds too funny to be original. Anyone know if that character was on the Tick or other similar show? I don’t watch much TV so I may be reinventing characters already done. :shrug:


Originally posted by Kirt
Sounds too funny to be original. Anyone know if that character was on the Tick or other similar show? I don’t watch much TV so I may be reinventing characters already done. :shrug:

Well I watched a fair bit of the tick cartoon, I don’t recollect any Sloth, but thats exactly the kind of stuff they would do.I like the idea



go go go :wink:


OK I took a little less than 2 hours on this just to get the juices flowing. This is not a final idea … just something to play with. No WIP images either because I’d consider it a speedpaint. Consider it something for you to look at for awhile until I get caught up on my film project. :smiley:

Name: Zachary Billough (aka The Poser)

Age: 32

Description: Zach spends a little bit too much time reading comic books when he’s not working as a Custodial Engineer for the local school district. He aspires to be like many of his favorite pulp action heroes and has created his own costume out of remnants of a professional wrestlers outfit that he bought off of E-bay.

Superpowers: Zach has a large video collection and is overly fond of catch phrases from his favorite action films. He can bore you death with his horridly off-beat impersonations of Arnold (“I’ll be back”), Bruce (“Yippee Kai Yai Yay M---- F—!”) or Deniro (“Are you talking to me?”).

Weaknesses: Zach doesn’t fight crime (or get out of the house too often) because he finds that he looks rather “studly” in his homemade costume. He vigilantly flexes and poses for himself while reciting the aforementioned movie dialogs. Zachary cannot pass by a mirror without looking at himself.

Base of Operations: Zach lives with his mom.


hahaha :smiley:
Looks funny, i like it a lot.
I really would like seeing the mom of a guy like that :scream: Where is she ?





I don’t know why, but Kirt’s creatures always beg me to model them in 3D! … now that ball-belly attracts me strongly! :love: :drool:
it’s a little … you know, looks like a … forget it! LOL! :smiley:


LOL @ ila :smiley:

ewwww … he’s supposed to be repulsive. You sicko!


Ewww…lol He’s so pasty! I love the farmer’s tan and the outty belly button.:applause:


OK … here’s another one that I did this morning. I should be working on something else, but this challenge is way too much fun. :smiley:

Name: Billy Thornton (aka Overactive Bladderman)

Age: 27

Description: Billy was a frequent bed-wetter in his youth. As he went through puberty he discovered that what was once thought to be a childhood calamity, was in fact his unique super power. He soon learned that he could increase the volume of his urinations at will.

Superpowers: Give Billy a 2 liter bottle of soda and soon you’ll be facing the wrath of his “Bladder Buster Vortex”, “Tsunami Splash”, “Golden Shower” or “The Geyser of Doom!”

Weaknesses: Well … he has a weak bladder and they don’t make diapers big enough for him. Kinda says it all don’t it?

Base of Operations: Billy has a secret hideout located beneath a rest stop on Hwy 99, just north of Turlock, California.



that face is pricelss…painfull discharge?


ROFLMAO :applause:

These are AWESOME Kirt!! :smiley:

I love the t-shirt tan on The Poser - great touch :wink:

And as for Overactive Bladderman - man, that is too funny for words! That decoration around the neck of his outfit - PRICELESS :applause:

Fantastic work :thumbsup:


woooahahahahahaha!!! :smiley: the last one is hilarious! :smiley: and good executed aswell, nice expression and colors. the dress with the peeDrops is very clever to! :slight_smile:



pees my pants



hahahaahahahahahahahaahhahahahahhahahah oh my god, keep it coming Kirt! :thumbsup: