The Hapless Hero - character - art7sayan


Ok, I’m on it this time. It could be really interestin’ …and funny of course!

Good luck everyone! :wavey:



ay excellent to see you’re in man :buttrock:


Yeah Artie :applause: looking forward to seeing your work again :applause: I’m coming in on this one too .


>Equinoxx & Stygian: Thank you so much, yeah I’m in and I got an idea now:

OK, the whole world now knows Megaboy for his courage and his strength …but not everyone is thinkin’ like this…in fact, Megaboy won’t be my hero but it will be his granny…Supaaagrannyyy!! Yeah but she’s not a hero at all…just a grandmother…and she doesn’t want his lil’son to be hurt…that’s why she decides to be like Robin for Batman…but without Megaboy’s authorization…too bad for him…

here is a first sketch of supppaaaagrannyyyyy!



Quite adifferent style for ya Art. Looks likea good start.


I agree with you Cleptocat…and that’s good to try different styles…this challenge is a good opportunity to sharp our humourous style…thx



I don’t know if I will go with this one but here is the first Megaboy:



Well…I guess this one would be better…lol

Cute and would be a lot more under the responsability of his granny!

What do u think guys?

(ps: All sketches done in Painter7)



Nice concepts you’ve got there! I love the granny:D
As far as megaboy, the first concept is great, but doesn’t look like a kid to me. So, I think the second one is more in keeping with your idea…I really like the slippers on the first one…I think you should try to work that element into the second concept. Just my 2 cents:beer:


Nah, he needs a pair of those one piece flannel pajamas with the rubber sole feet attached to them. I’m thinking something in a nice baby blue with yellow duckies on it. :smiley:

I like the second one with the little kid. You could accessorize him with other baby items too. A baby monitor used as a communications device? A holster for his bottle? How about one of those retaining leashes for his pacifier?

Can you tell I’ve been around kids too much? hehehehe :smiley:

Looking good Art! :thumbsup:


>Wildsheepchase & Kirt:

Yeah i was thinkin’ about the same sleepers for the lil’ boy too…but I will try to accessorize him as Kirt said (yeah I guess u’ve been around kids tooooo much lol)…not a lot of accessories 'cause it’s more important to put details on Supaaagranyyyyyy, the real hero! :smiley:

Thank u guys!


Just a color test of the grandmother:



looking good (and kind of disgusting at the same time) :smiley:
I like the little kid sketch alot. keep on keeping on.


to funny art nice to see ya mixing up some new styles wierd to see but nice!


haha, really cool granny you got there art7sayan :slight_smile:


>Slacker: I’m glad u like it, yeah I think the lil’ kid will be better to be Megaboy!

>Mangled Poly: Hehe! It’s allways good to practice :wink:

>Soeren Nielsen: Hi buddy, what’s up? Cool to see u here again! Thank u dude!

…and here is a sketch of this lil’kid aka “Megaboy”!

I will put color on it later !


this is very cool! keep going! :thumbsup:


you keep on amazing me art7sayan, very nice :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


>Russo & Solesurvivor: :love: :buttrock:

A color test for Megaboy now:



here is a quick sketch of what I got in mind for the scene… :rolleyes:

I guess I will use another angle for the final pic’…