The Greedy Fish


After finishing up the lollipop fish: , i have now started on the the second fish out of many. This one is called “The Greedy Fish”

So this is what i’ve done so far on him:

after about 20-40 minutes of modeling,

about 1 hour or so, perhaps a bit more:

close up on the coins:

not nearly done, but i’m happy with it so far. Any C&C



Cool idea but in my opinion the coins have to much reflaction, and dont fit the concept :stuck_out_tongue:



Thanks for the reply. I’ll fix the coins a bit, and since it’s a Greedy fish, coins are fitting i think. Anyway, the concept is drawn with coins so…
And it is my brother who is making the concept.
This is the concept:

thanks for the reply. I’ll work on the coins later.



Yeah the coins are ok its about the glossyness of the coins the refraction thats the think i think the coins are ok :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks, for the reply. It is still work in progress the whole thing, so i’ll fix the glossines for the next update. Will also work on the background and a bit more on mr.Greedy.



Ok. Put some color in and a few placeholders for the background.
Not very much of an update, but a few small things. Will fix the coins a bit more too.

so here goes:





Good point.
But haven’t quite decided yet. In the concept some coins comes falling down from above… so not sure if he is to look at those or at those allready there.
But thanks for the “heads up”



Had to get a new computer as the old one didn’t cut it anymore for anything. Got a new computer and did some more work on the greedy fish. It’s kind of finished, but i feel that there is something missing. The background is better than the last fish, but still feel like it’s missing some elements to make it completely perfect. Perhaps I should just call this one done. Any crits/comments?


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