The Great Egg-Scape


Hi all, finally finished! The extended deadline actually worked against me this time, I put it down and never seemed to get round to finishing it! Well after a week of late nights I finally managed to pull it together.

The concept is based on Yerkas central compositions and uses some of the themes you see in Yerkas work… trees, fields, water, creatures and a touch of humour.

Hope you like it and good luck to everyone who’s put the hours in to get something finished for this comp, some really amazing entries so far!


Great work!a lot of detail and good color have absolutely jacek yerka style.


I like your work too. Nice concept and final image! Good luck!


sweet i really like this one .


Cheers for the feedback guys, much appreciated!


Hi, there are a lot of pictures with tens comments. Most of it seems …eee, not really good to me. And on the other side - your picture - there is no doubt it is one of the best, but almost nobody writes comments here. I really don`t understand it.
Good luck to you.


No, no, I’m writing! :slight_smile:
Just great image!


Very clever idea! You did a fantastic job on it AND it makes me hungry :drool:


navylete - wow, is that you Mum? :smiley: Thanks for that comment tho, I’m really glad you like the pic and it’s nice to hear that off people! Not many comments I know, but yours put a smile on my face :slight_smile:

Peleng - I feel like we’re buddies!

PerryE - Thanks man, I was gonna title this ‘A little drop of what you fancy’ - cos at the time I had no food in the house and REALLY fancied a big fry-up that morning!!


Nice work. I like the Yerka-styled landscape and the fried eggs on the branch.


Ya really Like this one.:slight_smile:


cheers peeps :slight_smile:


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