The Great Bayan


It’s an architectural fantasy. I was inspired by amazing beauty of intricate cliffs of the Bayan-Aul. The Bayan Aul is an area in Kazakhstan.


What can i say…

Very good one man very good.

Alien Architecture Normal.


WOW! thats amazing! Love the design and sculptings… super! Composition is perfect!
Good luck!


Very nice image. And also very original!



you’ve outdone yourself here…absolutely tremendous work!

With the bombardment of awe inspiring works this past day or so, i’m really starting to feel the pinch…if you know what i mean :P. hahaha

hey congratz on a fantastical image…such natural beauty!..



Brilliant! Thumbs up.



very nice image, it very unique. nice work!


Marley! Your comments always amuse me and I am always glad to see them! Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

DesignerGr! Staszek! Albert! MarkyG! mn8!
Thank you very much for your good words!

I wish all of you good luck in this competition! :slight_smile:


WOW! This is incredible Sergey! One of the best enviroment I evere seen, absolutly :thumbsup: Congratz to 2nd place :slight_smile:


Thank you very much, Tibor! Glad you like my work! :slight_smile:


simply amazing man, very fantastic piece


Its so nice to see you on firsts places!
Keep comming with greate works!


congratulation brother… just great work.


Congrats Sergey!Great job:)


Very interesting work and really nice idea)) :bowdown: :bowdown:


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