The Great Armada, Rado Javor (2D)


Title: The Great Armada
Name: Rado Javor
Country: Slovakia
Software: Photoshop

In the summer of 1588, one hundred and thirty ships carrying 30,000 men set out to conquer England.This is my vision of the glorious moment when the fleet is leaving Lisbon. In the foreground is the flagship San Martin. Ships design is based on reference plans that I could find on net. But its not much there about those spanish galleons of this age. So I must use my imagination:)

All is done in photoshop, +wacom, in about 20-30 hours

better quality pic (1.3MB) because this above is too jpg.

P.S. I have created this pic as a tribute to all the drowned sailors, both spanish and english in this sad enterpise.


~~~I like the picture!~~I so like the scene’s paintingthe lighting with colours are so nice ~~~~~****4stars from megood job ~~~~~~~:bounce: :bounce:


WOW! Fantastic work! Great details and mood… Congrats! :thumbsup:

best regards: Kornél


Fantastic work!:thumbsup:



WOW ~~~~~~~

so beautiful


Astonishing :scream:


5 stars, nuff said.


…great paintwork man… nexttime more red please :slight_smile:

-cheerZ- :wavey:


wow immense amounts of details and great lighting btw… nice work.


This picture is great! You captured the mood of the age perfectly!
And I love the sales on the ships.
Keep it up =)


Nice work man
5* and it desirve front page :slight_smile:


Thanks guys, im glad that you like it, my goal was show the optimistic mood when they dont know that whole invasion ends in disaster.
I have put a lot of effort to make it realistic (like design of ships, flags and colours). But there are some things that im not 100% satisfied with :slight_smile:

For me, this pic is sad, It was for sure glorious look at the all ships in this day. But the whole invasion was wrong.


I think war,famine and flood are terrible evils~~~~~especially war,because war is artificial disaster (actually war could have been avoided)~~but what a pity ~Whether an epoch of eat raw birds and animals or modern societywar is indispensable to history~:sad: :shrug:



Amazing work. I esp like the lighting and the great details of the ship. I think it depicts very well the optimistic mood before the invasion, but I agree that there’s nothing glorious about war at all.

Great work again!


Holy Sh*t DUDE! That is Amazing!!! Such amazing atmosphere/textures/details!!!
This should be the artwork of the week or something!! soo beautiful!

I could set this on my desktop pic but i like Sci-fi even more…
5 stars from me :wink:


impressive… really impressive. the kind of image I wish I hadn’t seen because it hurts, and at the same time wow thanks for sharing, sending some motivation.


Good job!! love the water touches and the strength of the ships:thumbsup:


Finally, first Spaniard here :slight_smile: I love the old Galleons especially Spanish, thanks for support.


hehe. Those ships were really beautiful,yeah. I have an uncle that made several wood galleon scale models that are really cool. :slight_smile:

Excellent job again!:thumbsup:


yup this is an impressive scene. I love the atmosphere, and the ships are really well done :slight_smile: in fact, everything is perfect :stuck_out_tongue: