The Great And Dangerous Pirate Red-beard, And_holzmeister (3D)


This is an image i did for the contest, and it also is going to be a Short Movie, that i´ll be working for in the next year. For now i plan to release it in December 2004, but time will tell. There will be a clay look in it, so fell free to reply with critics and comments, I´ll be pleased to have some feedback from you guys.


I love the enviornment, the treasure chest especially. :buttrock:


Hi thanx popnGEAR…

some other images of this project


Great job, I like how everything looks squishy…:bounce: PROPZ dude.


Great job!!!very interesting stile.Some animation?



Very well done. I like the mood and the characters. Looking forward to the animation. :applause:


Cool render! I really like colors and lighting.
Can’t wait to see the animation!
Good work!


This is rl grate. I like the lighting and the clay look.


Hey guys… thanx for the feed back, and it still have no animation… but soon ill make some tests with them…


This is awesome! I really like the fact that you are going for a clay look - it really suits it :slight_smile: I’m sure it will look great when you start animating it.

I think it’s really funny that this poor guy has not one but two hooks!! How does he dress himself? :stuck_out_tongue:

Your style reminds me a lot of Lucasarts Monkey Island games - which is a style I really love!

I think this piece is fantastic - I’m putting it on the front page. Hope you get some good exposure for your film :smiley:


I agree. This is somewhat of a Monkey Islandian work, although I think the clay nature of it makes it truly stand out. Nice job on the character.


Fala André blz??
Conquistando o pessoal por aqui tb, hein??
N me lembro se cheguei a postar alguma coisa no teu tópico lá do contest, mas to acompanhando ele de perto.
O meu tópico do contest eu larguei por falta de tempo, mas eu continuo fazendo ele, só naum pro contest.
Mas fico muito legal a sua cena, parabéns!


I think the environment really stands out–looks really warm and friendly, with the volumetric lights shining down and all.

And yeah, that point about having 2 hooks has me confused too… how DOES he get around?


You really deserves the front page my friend because this work is GREAT!!! :buttrock:

Será que os outros terão chance lá no contest??? hehehhe

Abração brother!


No one dreads toilet paper time more than this guy :slight_smile:

It’s looking great so far. I too am enjoying the clay look


i love it - great style, texturing, and lighting. it’s freagin hilarious that he has two hooks. i was almost expecting two peg-legs…


very good. A little … too toy-like for me but well that’s just me :stuck_out_tongue: good work overall.

Monkey Island rocked, though I only played the first 2. CG was not what monkey island was about right, the voices were the strength and the extreme hilarious humour :smiley: good ol’ days.


Wow lots of feed back, thanx Leigh!!!:bounce:

Thanx everybody fro the comments and critics, thank you ville and Antropus, know that your work is inspiring for me my friend.

well people are talking 'bout the two hooks, well just think about the hilarious things that coud happen in a short movie to this guy, just 'couse he doesn’t have a hand! And Yes, Monkey Island is my favorite adventure game, i love the art work of that game and its one of my references in the cartoon stile, and the main inspiration for this image. Now I’m gonna move to the outside of the ship!

Once again thanx everyone


very nice … nice lighting…cute characters


I love the style!!! Very Guybrush Threepwood! Cant wait to see the short.