The Grand Space Opera Music Video!


i have sent u PM… u didn`t answer… so there is no room for my pic ? :frowning:


If I understand correctly, there is no GSO work that will be turned down… IE: yes there’s room for yours as well as everyone else’s work on the DVD.

And SuperXCM, you did a really nice job on that making of movie… really cool stuff man! :thumbsup:


Hey, my name is Sean R. Beeson, I have been around here a while. I just came across this. If you need any music or help with music, let me know. I have done music for quite a few animated projects, with my most recent being Derek Flood’s Emelia. You can hear some of my music at

So if you need some help just let me know, I would love to help.

Sean R. Beeson


Thanks everyone, sorry about my pm’s but I had no idea I needed to clean them out… lol. Just like saving every message. I deleted all of them so it should be working again. Sorry about that.

Thanks Sean. I will check your stuff out here after I am done with this post. There are more projects than just 1 which will require music. I will be in contact with you for sure. Thanks again.

The Tiff’s are fine for print and will work excellently. I will post up a full article copy after I get it back from the editor. :slight_smile:


i didnt ask about dvd , i asked about magazin :slight_smile:


Gotcha… you know, I wondered as I was writing my post whether you meant one or the other… :wink:


Aethyr Prime

Please contact me directly.

Mark. CEO. Ballistic Media / CGTalk / CGNetwroks. +61 8 8388 5966


Ok I sent you a message to your email. Will call if you need.

Thanks for the interest.


man shall u answer my question! :frowning:


I sent you an answer did you get it? Yes there is room… :slight_smile:


weee;:wink: … well i didnt get it… i dont know happend… where can i send u my work ?


send all references to for now. it has a pretty big storage space sooo.


Going forward with the MTV Video of the Grand Space Opera entries is on hold as there may be a potential conflict of interest in using any of the winning images. I will contact you when I hear more on this. Thanks. Alaric


Just fyi, the article for the magazine has been fully approved therefore it will move forward and hopefully be in this months edition. I will keep you updated to the development as it unfolds.

Thanks again,



hm here is link to my pic (me) if u are going to put it
u can dl tiff from cgtalk… ( i think i saw that there is dl)…


name : Markovic Darko
birth: 21.04.1987
country : Serbia And Montenegro ( ex Yugoslavia )
program : maya , photoshop

if u need anything else… just tell me… and btw can u mail me that magazin when it comes out… i will give u my home address…?


Hey there.

I just finished my “making of” video… 577mb in quicktime mpg4 format (1280x720 ntsc)… would a lower filesize be a good idea? I can’t think of a possible way to send it swiftly :shrug:

EDIT: Anywayz… I managed to create a lower filesize xvid video… I hope you can use that one.
What’s the format you need the “bio thing” and the pic for the video? I am going to make the resume and “stuff” today but I want to know what’s the final format you need it in :deal:

Thank you :cry:



yes i don’t think about that. :banghead:
The divx file of my making of, is too low quality, you need certainly a High quality version.
I can put the file on my server until 500meg.

Tell me which format you need.
And for the bio, i make for school a showreel, if you want i can send you when it will finish (this week for sure).:shrug:

Thanks!! :blush:


Well, I made a very nice quality xvid and it weights 50mb. I also have a very high quality mpg4 video but my server only has 300 mb available so I can’t possibly upload it (the only possibility is the old friend air mail).

Super, I think you are right about that. A friend of mine makes DVDs and he tried using a divx of the quality of the one you made and it came out very grainy and bleh. Tell me, what are you using for the bio? I am having a hard time trying to come up with ANY kind of idea.


Ok now that the winners have been announced I am ready to do final draft on the article in BM for this GSO! I will be contacting a few of you whom I felt (the writer of the article) deserved to be in the winners circle as my favorites. Taking a long last look at the entry’s I really think that you can tell this is an international competion including the voting. There are several images which I know won which would be unpopular in the states due to whackiness. Anyway, congrats to all.


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