The Grand Space Opera Music Video!


That empty hole since the end of the challenge must be filled, might this work?

I am not just a 3D artist, I am a composer, a writer, a photographer, a videographer, a video editor. 3D is the lowest of my abilities in my mind so I hope this interests some of you.

I am willing to create a full music video of this competition. I am willing to composite all entries submitted which wish to participate in either static or animated form. If you are interested let me know if the Admins deem it worthy, an official topic will be created.

 [i][u][b]My vision is this...[/b][/u][/i] 
 The song is 8 minutes long, There are 3 song movements each broken into 2 sub variations.

The first is very soft and ominous where the more gradise, “pretty” entries would go, the most happy pieces. The second part of the first movement adds some drums and gets a bit heavier where some of the more intense maybe slightly more foreboding images and animations should go. I would envision alot of things shooting but not as many blowing up yet. Things rising into the air getting in formation, loading weapons,

The first part of the second movement is very heavy, dark, and angry. There would be either alot of stills which small parts of might be used to flash by very quickly on the build up to this part, or a very intense animation. Here you would see full conflict everything would be blowing up people getting hit, fried, destroyed, cut in half, heads ripped off or full power up faze super saiyen style! The second movement would be people trying to escape crawling on the ground, blocking defending counter-manuevering, dodging behind ships or planets, buildings or refuse.

The first part of the second movement is heavy with drums in a jazz based break beat style which would go great for the regrouped last offensive with alot of explosions and firing. The second part is very somber, returning to the original theme with a new variation, here would would have the survivors the, visionaries, the dreams, the nightmares the aftershocks of what a GSO would leave in its wake for real.

Well I am very open to suggestion and cooporation and this is open for all entries in the GSO. Anyone who participated even if you did not get a chance to finish the contest. I will use sketches if they are detailed enough as well as final art pieces. Please consider this my thanks to the best community on earth and as a gift.

I plan on making it DVD because I want it to have complete behind the making of GSO (*DVD menu based bios of each contestant who wishes to be included with their W.I.P.'s images) I am fully experienced to do this I have worked with Icon Entertainment, been associated with FMPTA as well as being the lead designer on their magazine Viewfinder. I have international distribution of my music and video work on LMTV in South America and parts of North America where the channel is carried. I worked on VIP Latino as the creator of the music and all special effects. I have had my music in part used for some feature films etc…

I will send the original files (meaning the working document along with collected resources and a FINAL DVD MASTER freely to cgnetworks admins as my thanks to them for all their hard work with which they can do as they please.

 [b][i][u]Each person who submits their artwork to be included in the video will recieve a DVD copy free!![/u][/i] [/b]
 (the DVD label artwork will be of the winner of the contest picked by cgnetworks). 
 Anyway, thanks everyone for making this the best artist experience of my life!


Well all the experience in this you would need is what you already have. Pick a favorite part of the song, determine a length of animation you can produce and then go to town on your creation you have already. Please try to keep all animations short no more than a few seconds at a time, even if you plan to create 5 or 10 of them.


well i would like to be part of this if there is space for my work ? :shrug:

  1. Greeeeat idea! I really like you want to do so much for this community! :eek: :slight_smile:

  2. If you ‘like’ my GSO stuff (see signature), please put it in there! :wink: :slight_smile:

Good luck on it, and I’ll follow this along… :slight_smile:


Like I said, all entries are going to be included. My opinion has nothing to do with it. Where things get used in the music video I will determine but not who is in the video. That you determine. So to answer you both of your entries will be in there! Please see the following post in which I detail out the overview and requirements for the production.


Firstly I wanted to thank everyone in advance that plans on submitting their work to this Tribute DVD and Music Video to the artists of the GSO 2D & 3D. Having said that I wanted to let you know I was not planning on forcing you to do more work either. Your efforts for this contest alone have earned you a place whether you finished or not. For now I will detail out the overview of the DVD as it will be completed and how it will be produced. If any part of this inspires you to do more work for it you will receive full accommodation in the title credits. If you can produce animations of your entries that would be great, otherwise layers from Photoshop can be animated in After FX which is what I will be compositing this in. I will get more into that in the technical specs in the next post.

  The breakdown is like this:


1-Cgsites animated logo intro

2-Vluna, logo intro (that’s the production house who will make the DVD’s)

3-GSO Animated Intro to Menu Loop

4-GSO Menu Loop

b.The Judges
c.Start GSO Music Video
d.The Finalists
e.The Artists
5-GSO Menu Lead Out to Introduction

 a.Guided commentary by Cgnet representative explaining who, what, when, where, why do a 3D GSO on this scale.

b.Favorites of the Admins (admin achievement recognitions)

7-GSO Menu Lead Out to The Judges

8-The Judges

a.Introduction to the judges’ image based or video based on their desired involvement.
b.Their image Galleries
9-GSO Menu Lead Out to GSO Music Video

10-GSO Music Video

a.See above overview proposed for collaborative animation project
11-GSO Menu Lead Out to The Finalists

12-The Finalists

 a.All final submissions submitted to CGNetworks

b.With link to artist section

13-GSO Menu Lead Out to The Artists

14-The Artists

a.Alphabetical (last, first name based) thumbnail gallery of the Artists with short bio explaining a bit about themselves, their entry, as detailed as they wish to get with audio, video or typed submission.
b.Thumbnailed Gallery of W.I.P. Images submitted
c.This sections background imagery / theme can be created by the artist, the layout can be a Photoshop document and layers can be animated.
15-GSO Menu Lead Out to credits



Ok now for the details on how and what should be submitted for this DVD. First, all images are acceptable in any basic form such as .bmp, .tif, .jpg, .psd, .pict etc… Uncompressed is preferred. I will be doing this in the HD format. That means really high-resolution. 1280 x 720 (NTSC 29.97)! I want people to be able to zoom in on their DVD players on your beautiful final images!!! Ok next animation formatting: If you cannot achieve 1280x720 please do not up-sample images or animations! All WIP / Final submissions will be scaled by the video application to the appropriate size.

My Setup to create DVD

Hardware: Canopus DV RT Windows XP

           AMD P XP 3200

           1GB (2x 512 Dual Layer) DDR 128bit

           2x200 GB Seagate Barracuda’s (8mb cache) 1-SATA, 1-IDE

           Nvidia GeForce FX 5600 (256MB 8x AGP)


    Adobe Video Suite: (newest packaged with DV Hardware)


After Effects

Encore DVD



Photoshop CS

The Specs for use one more time:

Standard: NTSC Format: HD 1280 x 720

Use: For video images or animations (things that will be full screen only)

Gallery Size: larger than 640x480 please (things that will be thumbnailed by the program automatically)

Frame Rate: 29.97

Details on music video: ok so you want to get involved but you did a lot of compositing in Photoshop? No problem, Adobe suit is fully capable of animating layers from Photoshop individually allowing for your final comp to be moving even if it’s a still frame. If you can render complete animations then they will be used if not in entirety then at least in part, depending on how many people wish to be involved in this ie how many seconds of stuff I end up having to find a place for
hehe. The song is 8 minutes long and has 3 distinct themes and 2 sub variations so there is plenty of room for all images to fit and all animations to be shared. The credits will include a thumbnail of your used segment from the video with your artist credit (name, url, etc…) and I promise it will move slowly enough for people to read

Needed things:

1- Cgnet logo animation

2- Cgnet bios & interviews of staff involved

3- Cgnet explaination of the challenge

4- Judges Bios & Data sheets (can be simple if required)

5- Animation of intro

6- Animation of Menus

7- Animations and stills to be used in music video

8- Artist Bios

9- Artist W.I.P. Images

10- Artist Theme screens

11- List of winners

12- List of Credits


Anyone who wishes to take on the responsibility seriously on one of these above menioned items I would be happy to either work with you or leave you to do that part of the final production. Such as menu ideas or animations.

I will put all the elements together and do anything that has not been claimed by another individual.

If you can produce an short animation of your entry I would prefer it. If you have to make the size of it smaller please do it proportionally so when it is upsampled it does not distort.


Any work you wish to submit I am happy to include. Even if its just a PSD!


Just incase you read this and want to be included you must reply in this topic stating this or else I will only include your name in the final credits. I will not use anyones anything unless permission is granted. I don’t want to get myself in trouble while trying to do something nice.


i have just one thing and that is…

everyone Records them in some format i don`t know (320x240 because that is today standard at digital camera) and send it … in that comentry u say who u are , where are u from , age and why did u join GSO!

or just picture

second thing … i think that images should be like this …

sketch > no textures just light > black and white > Final
4 images… that is just idea…


All ideas are welcomed Marko! Thanks for caring enough to contribute them. The personal video of yourself can be anysize. The bigger it is the larger I can make it in the final. Its only the music video that needs to be high-res. Even if you capture your personal video on a web-camera I will use it!

As far as the pics go. I would like to have at least 1 image for each step represented in the challenge concept sketch, modeling, rendering, lighting post, final for the gallery. For the video I want to keep it to really nice sketches only or high quality psd based layer animatable only. There is one or two parts where I could get away with flashing some high quality stills. But I want to keep most of the W.I.P. Images in the gallery for the artists.

Most of the music video will be reserved for those who go above and beyond and render out some animations of their final works. even if in layers against a perfectly contrasting color like green or something. I can chroma key it and composite 2-10 different rendering into 1 final if you cannot do it in your video-post options of your rendering package.


yeah i thought something like this…

video in right corner ( i said 320x240 because it is usual size of todays Digital-Camera … and most of people have it ) … u representin urself
and down u have bioography…


Hi Richard…I got your message.I think your going for another ambitious project are’nt you?:wink:

Well I know it’s in good hands.If you feel like using something from my shot here feel free to use what you like for this project of yours.

I’ll be looking for more from you,and just drop me a line when you want to show me more from this or anything else you have in mind…I’ll be around,just working on my project.But I’ll be looking for you.So best of luck with your new project,it sounds quite interesting.Keep in touch,and until next time all the very best to you.Good luck with the challenge and all your next creations/projects…:arteest: :arteest:



it’s an excellent idea!!
How can i send the video? :wip:
The video must be in ntsc 29.97 1280X720 … it’s all? and the format it’s avi? or mov? jpg sequence? sorry i don’t understand all… :blush:

Anyway, i think it can be a very very cool idea!! :cool:


I will be setting an ftp server up specifically for you each to use. I figure it will take a few days for people to begin doing their animations so… Mov or Avi uncompressed is good. As long as the clips are kept small it should not be 5 trillion MB! :wink: Anyway, glad to see your interested and I will be posting up more info as it becomes available. (If any CGtalk admins/moderators would like to help out… let me know!)


ok richard… write us the detail… when i think better… it is better not to make videos of everyone intorducing themself because … i dont know if people have digital cameras… :frowning:
noow tell us what should we send u


It can be either digital still shot of them and some text or a video introduction, either will work. I plan on using what ever is available.


a good project…||) |V| |^| and i totally agree with virtuoso!:thumbsup:! …ill be looking forward!


Ok so far who has given me permission to use their work in this:


(if you don’t see your name in this list and you think it should be drop a line here and I will add it, if you see it and wish it to be removed, again the same, let me know, thanks)