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[font=Arial][size=2][font=Verdana][size=2]Hi, i’m working on my second movie-project, a kind of “movie-trailer” about “the golem”, based on a old jewish legend. i have finally finished work at scenes, sets, objects and character. now i start animation. all is made with maxons cinema4d.

you can see finally images from different scenses/locations on (or

thanks for visiting and comments.
final animation should be finished in octobre 2004.



I don’t remember where i heard about that, but as far as i can recall golem is a creature called by mistic powers (kabala?) for doing the hard work of someones, or was its aim to protect that person? ah…

Anyway, can you tell us what’s in the movie?


yes you’re right. my movie-trailer based on the legend about golem, creating with clay and making alive with a mystical ritual. there exist different version about golem and go back into the 12th century. best known version (the Prague legend) tells about Rabbi Jehuda Löw ben Bezalel (1512-1609), a kabbalist, has creating golem for protect the jewish ghetto. Also the Prager legend of the Golem goes back to the treatise Sefer Jezira.

you should known the book “the golem” by gustav meyrink (1913) and the silent movie by paul wegener (1915).

i don’t tell the whole story about golem with my movie-trailer, and it is some kind of continuation, based on the version from Prague, with elements from older versions and personal interests (film noir … ). 3d working is also a component.

i’m telling briefly the plot: year 1930, office worker has found a dossier in archives about rabbi löw and his golem and the whole knowledge about creating and awake.
he goes to get clay by nearly river, creating golem, use the formula TavMemAleph (=emeth=truth) for get him alive. But Golem does not follow its creator.

hope, i’ve answered your question.
trailer is finished soon …


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