The Golden Valley, Jordan (3D)


Title: The Golden Valley
Name: Jordan
Country: Uk
Software: Terragen

This image does not include any post work,4dem files combined.Original time for rendering 24h.Original sizes 6400 x 4800 px.As usual the main aim was - realism.
Thank you very much for your comments.


A really beautiful shot. Turn it to grayscale values and it would seem an Ansel Adams work :slight_smile: .


really nice work. though it’s in jordan it reminds me of mars.

this gives me ideas, though. can terragen output displacement and color maps so that this can be rendered in another program, like Maya for example?


Thank you very much for your comment!

Terragen allows some combination with Cinema 4D BUT,I am trying to use it with some other softwares.Maya is on the list too.You can use the render in Maya or to use the image from Terragen as a background.
If you contact me in the future I will be able to give you some directions.You should try too!
We do expect the new version in 2004-2005 and I hope the integration will be on the map!!


nice picture. but looks like the image is being sharpen…


Ansel Adams had flat texture clouds and aliasing in his photos? whoaaaa…


it’ very nice


I don´t know… but I´m gonna ask him tonight. :smiley: :curious:


Very good, I like the topographic relief details at the elevations, and I think the image is not shapen as HapZungLam said, I saw some terrains in some Midle East deserts from the plane befor, it’s very close to this one.

If I who made this work, I would like to put a mystical city in the center hole…:shrug:
beautiful work.


Very pretty scene and lovely atmosphere. Congraulations !:thumbsup:


This is really a great work.It could seem simple but it is ingenius in the atmosphere,scene and color technique.:applause::applause:


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