The Golden Age of Illustration Project


Lolo (Lemog) had posted an exquisite magazine illustration from around the 20s/30s. I love magazine illustration and am starting this thread to post inspriration for myself and anyone else who might want to take a stab at some of the wonderful styles that developed from the late 1800s through early part of last century.

To begin, Leyendecker.

This by Edith Emerson.

And Alex Luders.

I’ll be posting some WIPs here in a little bit, but feel free to take inspiration.



It’s nice to see you starting this thread… of course, that promise to be more of interesting… good continuation and especially good work :wavey:


[/i]PS… also very good to show inspirations… :applause:


Ah, such beautiful rich colours! I <3 saturated shadows.

I love the Leyendeckers. So inspired now, thanks!


Thank you, Lolo and Iridyse!

This is a WIP for an illustration, The Songbird, inspired by these images.

and some more inspiration.

Carl Erickson

Cheri Herouard

Another Leyendecker

Mclelland Barclay

Kurt Ard


héhé… you start something… that seem already in your style, not ? with a bird… :slight_smile:
Of course, that will be your way of coloring wich can give to your drawing the particular style about a time… do you have a idea of treament… or do you prefer to keep in your style, and only after, give to the picture some modifications, as a special mood to be more near to a style of this times ?

Sorry… I don’t know if my english is always very understandable :smiley:

Nice day/night for you…


Hi, Lolo.

I am going to attempt to keep it in the style and palette of the time…we’ll see how successful I am… :wink: I really love the Leyendecker palettes and ways of handling form…almost architectural.

I do seem to have a thing for birds right now…I just seem to find them fascinating right now.

Thanks for looking in.


Beginning to work out the palette.

Cheri Herouard

Georges Léonnec

Georges Barbier

Leo Fontant


Bit more work.



Marvellous Cris… that really give me the envy to play with you :smiley: hahahaha…

…I must return to work :shrug:


both the old pics and ur drawing are inspiring me ! thanx alot!!!


GOOD MORNING…Cris…:slight_smile:

Fantastic idea for a thread…I used to have a book called the GOLDEN AGE OF ILLUSTRATION
Always found great inpiration in it and from it…fantasy at it’s best…:slight_smile:
A beautiful start on that painting of yours…really looking forward to seeing where it goes, and also where this thread goes…should be …GREAT…:thumbsup:
Hve a GREAT DAY…Cris


wow i love the fist wip
i am no block the image…is my difficult
love the tones


OMG!!! Cris, can you read minds too??? :eek:. I’ve been looking for something like this because I’m really interested in illustration, particularly the era that you’re posting here, but I don’t really know any of the artists :blush: hides little face in shame. I’m already in love with several of the pics you posted and can’t wait to see what else materializes. Nice to see you posting your WIPs in here as well- you’re quite inspirational all by yourself.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge/experience!


When I was in college, I had collected some wonderful magazines from the 30s that had covers by Enoch Bolles. I cried and couldn’t talk to my grandmother for several hours when she informed me one day that she had “got rid of those old things” (except she said it in Spanish).

I had this cover.


Being a big girl myself, the day I found Hilda, I was thrilled. I loved the exhuberant and sexy way this big girl was portrayed. Hilda was done by the incomparable Duane Bryers.

And here is progress on The Songbird.



Lolo: [color=White]How sweet of you to say! I know you have your own 1900 playground you are creating. I can’t tell you how much I love looking at what you’re doing. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

Thank you and I hope you continue to enjoy both.

Thanks, Glenn. I am pleased to hear that others love this kind of work. So many illustrators over the years…so many that are unknown that did such wonderful work.

Thanks, Gislaine, I’m pleased you like it.

Sometimes I can attune my mind-reading powers and other times…well, we won’t go into those disasters. :wink: And thank you for your kind words.



I’m enjoying this…hope others are, too.



Working on the Splendid Fairy Wren



The Splendid Fairy Wren


Blocking in hair.



Continuing to block in the hair.