The Gold Light Of Morning, Stefan Morrell (3D)


Title: The Gold Light Of Morning
Name: Stefan Morrell
Country: New Zealand
Software: 3ds max, finalRender, Photoshop

another big cityscape…I’ve been making up a library of greebled cityscape parts & thought it time to put them to use.
scene modeled in 3dsmax,mostly instanced geometry,polycount is around 5million,rendered using finalrender with some post in Photoshop

I also made an animated version .tweaked in after effects,15mb quicktime

thanks for looking!


Wow Love that syle of work… Great lighting great depth very cool model… Wire frms?


Very massive picture, hard work but it reward


Really nice work, I love the sun bloom you have in the background.

  • Neil


Amazing, I wouldn’t expect anything less from you.


great work - your blacks are a bit heavy and harsh, and I’d figure the blue tone in the mid ground should be matched on the left side of the FG pyramid - but otherwise - really great stuff - nice to see something new from you, the camera move is terrific!



Great work! I also love the camera movement. It’s very smooth and pleasing to the eye. There was a lot of popping on the buildings below the center of the screen though. Keep up the good work! :smiley:


great work and nice imagination :applause:


great mood, love the variety of detail.


Awesome image, the detail is absolutly fantastic


great as usual…:drool::bowdown::smiley:


Hi Stefan-Morrell, I really love your works! Your work is full of a wealth of industry and fantasy elements, Nice variety of details, and a great visual effects, Before I studied your creative tutorial, benefited from your works. Thank you for giving me the inspiration and raise.
5* from me~!:applause:


great piece of work :applause: there are some flickers but never mind the whole concept environment is great, the lighting and modelling is also great, very nice work dude :cool:


Yeah Morrell, this is fun stuff. I love it because I can look around the scene and wonder what the hell is going on down there in all those little sectors. Man, the air looks pretty clean considering the fact they’ve paved themselves over. That looks like where we’re headed, but your version looks pretty clean and organized - but perhaps if we cruised down closer to the streets we would see some desperate folks. This is and epic, fun, awesome picture - I really enjoy your futuristic architectural visions. It would be cool if you did a “tour” of one of your peices - where you start at the distance this image was shot at, then get closer, and closer, and closer - to the point where you’re in some bar/ apartment/ @ some business meeting / or in the middle of some misc. street incident - what the hell is going on down there!?!? Thanks for showing this stuff, Gus, C.A


-Lovely scene, I like the sense of depth as far as your eyes can see-


WOW, amazing city!, good work:applause:


Really great piece of work, this is exactly the kind of style “star wars” like scene that I love. Congrats ! We want more stuff from you ! :wink:


That’s a pretty epic piece of work. Truely beautiful. Amazing


Quite a few people have said this but never mind: I find your work an endless source of inspiration (as you can tell from some of the much more humble stuff I posted in my gallery) and I always make sure I keep up to date on your posts. I must say this is one of the best images you’ve posted.
If I were to pick on something - which is really hard - it would be the slightly noticeable instancing of some of the buildings (but then again, I don’t know if I’d have noticed if you hadn’t mentioned it) and the slightly repetitive texture on the pyramid (but I guess this could be the case in “real life” too).
It’s actually amazing that such a complex piece has “only” 5m polys. You must be a master of economy when it comes to modeling.
And of course, the animation is breathtaking too!
Keep them coming please.


Love the mood of the environment! :thumbsup: