The Goddess Of Ticktock, Song Jae Hwon (2D)


Title: The Goddess Of Ticktock
Name: Song Jae Hwon
Country: Korea (South)
Software: Painter

Entirley I’m tried to combine SF Concept & antique images …
I really wanted to consider of coloring but I ashamed that it wasn’t completed that I thought …
Now I control myself that I’ll be better if I practice well …
This Work takes a week to complete …

Original resource is a 300dpi & 2,300*4,500 …
It is drawed by Painter 6.1 …
I used this job by Captured Bristle $ Simple Water …


Stunning work! The colors are sooo vibrant and the size of the image is brilliant. I’m a new fan?


What I LOVE about this is the color transitions.

Look at the cape – the tone goes from cool blue in the light to to warm blue in the shadows. Same thing with the clouds from green to warm blue to cool blue.

The scales on the creature are also handled masterfully and not overdone.

Very impressive.
5 from me


Stunning work! The colors are sooo vibrant and the size of the image is brilliant. I’m a new fan?


Hi!Cool stuff!I do love the colour a lot,as well as the expression of the figure!Very good!Keep it up!


Wow! really nice work!

Do :smiley:


Stunning is right! This is amazing work from beginning to end, I can’t praise it enough. I love all the different elements and how they lead the eyes around the piece. And the colors are unbelievable!



Incredible stuff!

The softness of her face and skin is superbly contrasted by all that well rendered machinery - ace design work and colours too.

If i have to say something constructive other than endless praise, its that i really dont like the dragon thing. Its appears out of place in contrast to the mechanical and manufactured theme, and its pretty unoriginal and cliched in comparison to the very original design of the girl. The lantern seems to stand out a little too - it seems kinda low tech in comparison to the rest of it.

Great work! Hope to see more of it.

By the way - i love the work on your website - some of the best, most stylised 2d work ive seen! its a little hard to navigate though - is there an english version?


holy molly

superb character design.
colors–top notch.

nothing to crit.


Remarkable beautiful pattern and decorative elements, but anatomic proportions a hand in the foreground and the second - different


Amazing ! …these colors, the light, that style… impressive! …I would kill to be able to create such astonishing concept design pictures!

would you spare a lil time on making a tutorial or a making off for us please ? :bounce: :slight_smile:



Amazing work :eek:


Wow !! I love the character design and the colors! only the dragon I don’t like too much… After Kim Hyung Tae another great korean graphist! really GREAT


stunning work Song Jae really love the detail that you have put into the character. keep up the good work practice make perfect :twisted:


This is beautiful… the colours and tones are so amazingly handled. I just love the way the light falls across everything, in particular the flowing material at her back. The overall composition and design of the mechanical elements sets off the figure so well. The only thing that jars is the dragon’s head, it looks cut off from the rest of the picture, even with the scaley bit of body in the bottom left. But it’s a minor element in what is a gorgeous, gorgeous piece, if I had a tenth of your talent, I’d be a happy woman.



Beautiful work there… aaaaaar… that cloth is so wonderful.

Lovely design mate :thumbsup:


Very Beautiful:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: …Like the textures


awesome job. great style and composition. :slight_smile:


cant really say much cause every one has already said it but i do agree about the dragon being a little out on place - but nice work!!!


I love the colours in this picture…simple breathtaking <3 :love: