The God Return


Actually this is my Master and Servant - 3D Challenge, but i cant finish on time and i really love my idea, so i come to here to continue my work, hope can get some comments and motivate from your guys.

THE GOD RETURN (Description)
The concept of this illustration is the relationship between the human being and the supernatural or so-called God. The story begun… Since the dawn of man, human being assert they are dominator of this planet. However, we never know the truth. In fact, the Earth is the zone of energy production. Human beings are energy source for the future use of the God in particular purpose. The God cultivating the man in order to ensure the consistency of the energy production. Thus, breeding rate of human being keep increasing in the world. Someday, when the Master (God) returns to this planet, that will be the time, we (salves) get to know who are we actually … No doubt, we are only energy source to serve the God , for the purpose of he longevity.

The character design of this figure was inspired by the totem design and statues from ancient Oriental. These visual language is an significant elements penetrating in many ancient civilization for many centuries in the East. In Asia, Goddess and supernatural are illustrated in similar design by artists from different culture. So, the idea of this piece work is to combine those ancient elements and make it relevant in contemporary visual presentation.

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this is 2 weeks ago modeling, any comments are welcome.


Wow! that head is awsome! Love the concept as well, this is gonna be awsome :smiley:


this is my latest modeling, quite slow to progress it, 1 day just can spend around 2~3 hours to do it, hope i can finish it before the next challenge! :slight_smile:


This is a really simpatic mod! I really like the idee… (the man in the “box” is funny)
I subscrip to this post :wink:


Very nice concept and modeling too. I am looking forward to final


Awesome, very original concept!

Keep up!


One Day!

This looking very good so far. Keep it up.


I love that visual style :thumbsup: keep going!


Absolutely stunning! You make the rest of us Modo’ers proud!

Can’t wait to see the final image…looks fantastic!


Wow im truely impressed what program you use and how you do too create soo sharp edges with camfer or?


i was impressed by your progress so i decided to follow you here… modeling is looking fantastic man… awaiting further progress… :wink:


i’m using modo1.02, before that i’m using lightwave(now still use it, because modo cant render and animate:shrug: ), but i can say every software also can do it and even more better!! just depend your experience and sense, i’m also still in learning stage, especially when i see some artist’s work on this forums, i felt i’m just a beginner!


Well for sure, some true killers are ruling this forum, but you’re not that far from them :wink:
Plus you’ve got a very cool style, so i’m glad to subscribe your wip so we see the finish of it :thumbsup:
Good continuation :slight_smile:

(by the way, will you add as much cool details in the rest of the body?)


Still following your project! It looks just amazing and I’m looking forward to see some updates :bounce:


very nice model, the head is awesome!! i really like the detail of the mouth, the body is looking nice too.
keep it on!!!


thanks every one! i just finished my god’s body modeling, but i still need to improve it, especially the bottom back of body, look quite rought, i will add more detail on the body, will show it soon, hope u guys can give me some comments and suggestion, or have any good idea for my work are welcome!


good model.
Is it one model or does it exists from several objects?


hello Jenn-Yu
hey your mod is terrific, it’s very clean.:eek::thumbsup:
No suggestion, you’re doing it very well by now. I meen you seems to be very inspirated on this one, would be sad to brake this beautyfull flow. Keep it up :thumbsup:

Yeah this is the kind of design i would have been happy and proud to do, so i have hundreds of ideas but i’m afraid to bug you… I’ll wait then try something more constructive next time (^_^)

Big Up

(by the way, no ranking yet? can I?)


Thats looking great. No crits.
Dont you hate running out of time on those challenges! I have done it twice!
Im not doing any more till I get a seriously better computer.