The God of Treachery, Vincent Tan Teck Wee (2D)


Title: The God of Treachery
Name: Vincent Tan Teck Wee
Country: Singapore
Software: Photoshop

Born into this world since the first act of treachery was committed. A weak and minor god among the powerful, unable to have a place in the world and not accepted into the ranks of gods.

Although frail and feeble, he was gifted with a highly intelligent mind. An expert in plots and schemes, he mastermind the Great War of Gods, successfully causing discord and turn the gods on each other. With each defeated gods, he absorbs their soul and thus gain their strength, growing more and more powerful.

Alas, as more and more gods fall, his scheme was discovered. The remaining gods call a truce, and join forces against him. They managed to defeat him, because his power was still very unstable and uncontrollable at that time. He escaped into the end of worlds and stay hidden until he can master his new found power.

He was given a name by the gods, a name to remind them of the deed he committed.

The God of Treachery.


very nice rendering! i am amazed at the level of detail in this image. i think he looks more like a deity of change (tzeentch?) or war rather than treachery. maybe if you tried a different colour pallete it would be more ‘treacherous’.

good work :slight_smile:


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