The Gnom, damien canderle (3D)


You know I love this piece right Maddam? Your renders always amaze me.


Take care,



Totally awsome !!!


Awesome character creation nd texturizing! I halfway expect him to reach out at me…blechhh! at this being my bind date :slight_smile:


salut damien

great character ! excellent technique ! really cool as its different and original



horrible and amazing…all at the same time

5 *****


nice work,well done

really like the skin on this one.
You have a nice website to

good luck.


Funny, out of all the amazing renders on the ZB3 page, this specific one stood out for me.
You made another excellent render of him there.
:thumbsup: and also


I have already seen this guy at the Zbrush central when the beta images were shown, but it´s still a great piece! I simply love the style. And you know what? I would loooove to see a wife sitting beside him, being of the same kind. That would surely look absolutely awesome!



Oh my… it’s awesome !

About Designer comments… lmao hahahahah a wife at his side… that would be something ! I totally agree with it. lol

Congratulations ! Cya,


ahem, not only this image but your portfolio is … :eek:


wow! eye popping! great!

How exactly does vray and zbrush work??? you’re definately on your way to 5 stars mate.



[left]That thing creeps me out. Remember Goulies?


very impressive, expression and skin are the best. Compliments.


I saw that in ZBC and I just love it. Great attention to detail. keep on rockin man!


Damn, this looks great man … I hope i can get to do such nice work some time in the future …

Thumbs up, looks very realistic!


I’ve seen it on zbrush central.Stunning.5 stars work for me.


I love your character man… this is awesome…
and the zoom in your portfolio are great



Looks great but theres like a weird hard crisp line at the edge of the forearm and hand on the left side of the screen. But it’s a great model, i would love to see it moving.


WoW! Amazing work. Very inspiring. If I had to crit something it would be the pose. It’s too symetrical. I thought it was an object like a statue…the posing lacks life. It would be stronger if the creature looked like it was thinking or had some emotional body language.
You said it was waiting for some sort of master. Perhaps if he looked bored or even aprehensive, as it is anticipating it’s owner.

Just a thought. Still, it’s top-notch work. Congrats on the fp plug.

Art :slight_smile:


The model just has so much presence, its a very interesting feeling of weight and flesh. Most of all, I enjoy the hands & feet.