The Gnom, damien canderle (3D)


Title: The Gnom
Name: damien canderle
Country: France
Software: Photoshop, VRay, ZBrush

This time i made a full character. It’s a gnom waiting for something or a keeper, who knows ? :smiley:
model and texture done with ZB3
render vray
postworkin photoshop


Usually I’m not agreat fan of monsters, but the fact is…

I love this one !

Good job ! :thumbsup:


Yup! No crits here man this is awsome.


Nasty! I like it. Cool Model.


Oh very nice!
Finally see the finished goods!


I can’t find something wrong in this image.
I Love it!

Perfect model and materials, awesome render.
5* from me


Fantastic work from modeling to texturing and lighting. 4 stars from me!


Your materials are unbelievable man! it’s like a real statuette.


awesome piece!


great style ! :bounce: awesome model


this looks great…:thumbsup:,


A face only a mother could love. Those toes are so gross… hehe. Great job on everything. Four stars! :slight_smile:


Awesome. It looks repulsive but at the same time I can’t stop looking at it, nice.

My only crit would be that the toes and fingers are fused together and that the box the gnome’s sitting on seems to float - not much of a shadow to see there.


Hey Maddam,

inspiring as always, great character and great work specially on the skin shader/modeling.


Already seen it on Zbrushcentral but I have to say, always your great style and fantastic render and shading !
Just great !


Very beautiful model


Hey, nice ZBrush work here!!!..
4 stars…!


Very interesting character

my question:
Have you ever created anything beautiful instead of disgusting creatures?


so good…the body’s shader it’s Cool


4 stars, only critic is the chest it looks weird like its some kind of flat flap thats hanging over his body.