The Glory Of Valhalla, Stjepan Šejić (2D)


Title: The Glory Of Valhalla
Name: Stjepan Šejić
Country: Croatia
Software: Photoshop

Many strived to join the Einheriar of Valhalla but only those brave enough, those chosen by Valkyries could step up. They were honored by the blessing of the one exed god , Odin.well anyway this is my second attempt in photoshop, think im getting a grasp of it, so bring it on!


its a very nice one u got here.the lighting ,the color as well as the composition is good
just one thing,there are certain part of the image could be done with some clean up,for example ,the right elbow of the gal on the top seems blury and the same goes bot the man’s fist.overall seems like a rpg game poster to me…i like it though:)


i like it!!
the guy in the center is my fav…hehe
you might want to think about why things are blurred
but its stil a nice little pic :slight_smile:


Stunning work!!


well done! its got a good composition. overall great piece


Very nicely done!


I like the piece, good job.

My crits are in line with earlier comments about the ewbow of the girl up top, actually it’s not her elbow but her forearm that’s causing the problem. On a man that forearm wouldn’t look so out of place but on her it’s not correct. You should reduce the width of it.

Another place that could be improved are Odin’s shoulders. Partly because the woman in the foreground is obstructing the view you’re getting away with it but for a guy holding a massive blade like that and given the size of his hand the shoulders are nearly invisible and sloping way down.

I’m asuming those wing-type things around Odin are part of the throne… If not then the perspective doesn’t work out right.

Anyways, I hope this helps out. You’re definitely gettign the hang of painting in Photoshop. I don’t think I can do it as well as you.


woo! very cool pic! great photoshop skills! “study study study”


Cool, cool. I still haven’t got my photoshop skills up to this level yet. The only thing I see is that the cup the girl is holding in the back could be a different color. Cause the first time I saw this picture I didn’t realize she was holding a cup, the skin tone is to close to it. Other than that keep up the good work.


Wow that is a pretty impressive picture. Personally I always imagined Valhalla to be more dirty (a little bit like in Eric the Viking). But that’s just a personal opinion. This is a great picture and the Odin has a great face.


very good jop…i really like it so much
keep it up


Excellent work, nebezial.
Nothing to say on that arm. I feel the subject a little boring but the work is great.





Nice Work, as a student currently doing animation and photoshop and etc, it’s awesome to see what others are capable of. Keep up the good work.


Amazing colours and atmosphere!

That girl is cute! :smiley:


Nice work :thumbsup:

Just an opinion: I think the hands need a bit more work (proportion is a bit off).


I like it. The composition is very good, and you’ve chosen good colors to bring out the most in it.

The only thing I’d say needs improvement is the background…somehow, I don’t think the blur adds to the picture. I’d say reducing the apparent detail of the background and increasing the sharpness of the same would better suit this work.


you clearly have talent, but its also clear that as you said you are only beggining with photoshop, im saying this because I can see you had problems with all the edges of your character and sword, its like you didnt used layers? (which in some cases is even more impresive artistically) cuz some parts are not very well defined, its like they are blurred with the background…know what I mean? the contour of your characters…anyway good drawing


everything looks great. the only problem i see are the hands. they are all not quite the right size/shape.

and dandydrunk:
i think the undefined edges of the sword are intentional because its supposed to be shiny, in which case it does pull off this effect.


i like how the valkyrie in the back holding the cant-put-it-down-because-its-made-of-a-horn chalice is staring at the very phallic gungnir (the spear). huginn and muninn (the two CROWS on his shoulder) are probably telling him to ixnay on the eesomethray. my only crit is that the background is kinda weak and the spear looks like you tried to make it fit into the pic. i dont understand what all the anatomical crits are about.


Awesome artwork… very find details!