The Girl By The Window Ver.2, Insane Polygons (3D)


Title: The Girl By The Window Ver.2
Name: Insane Polygons
Country: Singapore
Software: 3ds Max

Found some time recently to do a update of my Girl by the Window model. Textures and shaders has been updated- this time with SSS. Added better looking clothings through the use of Simcloth. Also did a lot of tweaking on the model especially the arms, hands and some subtle changes to the face.

>> Hi resolution image <<


I really like the poses you chose. What did you use to render her with? It looks great.


Hey Hand, My god this is amazing plus i love the fact you put highlights in the hair.
Amazing Simply amazing, i would love to see some wires…:buttrock:



nice work, good poses too


hi the hand :slight_smile:

could you explain us the way you use to make SSS ??

and some wire of the cloth :slight_smile:

good version :slight_smile:


Great job. Smooth as butter, my man.


Version 2.0 now even better :wink:

Anyways, the thumb still looks a bit odd, and the iris of the eye shouldn’t be completly black (at least it looks like it is).


great work !!!:thumbsup:
I would like to see Wires…


Fantastic job marc!!! This is my favorite model of yours, and the revamp made it even better (if thats possible). Beautiful skin shader, could you give us a screenshot of the shader network for it? Beautiful job.



awsome work!! can we see the wires?


As always, you continue to impress. Keep it up Marc! :buttrock:


great poses…good job ! :thumbsup:


It’s a very good work, but i dont like the face. The body is perfect. :bounce:
it’s for a futur project? can you see the wire?

Bye :thumbsup:


Great work!!! :love::love::love:






i think i need to find more windows to sit next to. great work, vnice hair.


Very good work ! Absolutely excellent modeling! l like it:love:


yes,yes, I can see her in my window now!


yes very nice…I agree with ja3d, the different subtle faciel expressians and poses adds a good personal touch.


you…your good you, you got a gift my friend…Nah nah nah you got a f**$%# gift. All kidding aside that looks awsome man, nice work!