The Girl and the Ghost - Characters


O.K. folks, here are the two characters starring in The Girl and the Ghost, Migi and Ghibli.

Migi is from our time, a thoroughly modern day brat. She was designed to be in total contrast to the old dacha; she wears a t-shirt, khaki pants and trainers, completely at odds with an eighteenth century Russian mansion.

Ghibli the Ghost is Migi’s companion in the story, whom Migi discovers whilst in the Old Library. She is the sole occupant of the old dacha, and is wears an old dusty dress and bonnet.

Right -enough of the blaar. First group of images are concepts.

And some renders of the finished characters:

Technical blaar, texture sheets and the rest of it to be posted later.


I really enjoy your character design, and those are some great models. ||/


indeed !! very nice characters from concept to finsh, very nice.

can we see some wires? and texture map?


Good work, i like the ghost the most, because of the good idea and the textures on her, her face looks like a doll face, just frozen.


I think a grey background will make your work appear better.


excellent. love the concept.

the girl looks like the child version of the blubbering blair whitch girl, shes alot braver.

the girl model loses out to the ghost model in the modelling and texturing process though. the ghost is just alot more interesting to look at.

i like the black background it suits the idea behind the project.

one thing that could easily be done to give the girl a bit more, je ne cest quios(SP never paid much attention in french class), would be to give her a lantern to hold. this could light the scene and add that little extra. obvious ly you need to show off the texture etc, but you could have a blueish moon like light to acheive this.


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