The gift, Britta Glodde-Herkenrath (2D)


Title: The gift
Name: Britta Glodde-Herkenrath
Country: Germany
Software: Photoshop

Once upon a time there was a princess. She was beautiful and she believed that her beauty would last for ever. She treated people bad, because she thought that nobody could be cross with her, because of her beauty. One day she came to a place in the forest where she had never been before. It was very quiet and dark, but then a light appeared and she saw the most beautiful butterfly. She wanted to capture him, but when she tried to grab him he flew away. She heard a faint voice that spoke: Didn’t you know that beauty is something you cannot hold?

I tried to let this butterfly look somehow like the one in Linda Bergkvist fanastic painting “Ungentle, gentle”, but I failed. I must say, it was the first butterfly I painted ever and for now, I cannot do any better. Hope to improve.

Done entirely in Photoshop. I used some of Natascha Roeoesli’s brushes. Thank you very much, Natascha. They were a big help.
Comments and critics most welcome.


aaa~I like the picture~because I so like the scene :butterfly with those flowers~~~that is very beautiful ~nice work~keep it up ~~~~:bounce: :bounce:


beautiful painting! The butterfly also looks very lovely :slight_smile:


WOW~so beautiful!!

Good job!:thumbsup:


Nice flower and butterfly, very beautiful girl. Everybody has room for improvement, but u are doing great!


this really looks wonder- and peaceful, britta…very good work !


this is beautiful.excellent work with a great touch of feel.

i hope i see more like this from you.


beautiful and well done I love the light tones and the soft feel to the picture , Good work keep them comming!


Thank you all very much for your kind and lovely words. I am happy you like my work. :wavey:

Eisbaerchen: Nice to see you here. Hope to see you post soon. :slight_smile:



Wonderful work! I love the delicate and peaceful mood. Great!
I’m in love with her sweet expression. :love:

Congrats! Really amazing work. :slight_smile:



The butterfly definitely steal the scene, and I really like your story. The lighting and soft color also great too.


Very nice and lovely, Britta!
Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


this piece really tells me a story rather to read your story…bec just looking at it tells more than a milllion.


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