The future of simulation


Was wondering if anyone has seen this yet from Siggraph 2013 - Seems pretty interesting. Hopefully this wasn’t posted already.


Very interesting and inspiring. Thanks for the link.

p.s: I want all of this stuff to be in Blender 2.8 :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s some pretty incredible stuff in that vid, thanks for sharing! : )


Youtube mirror.

Wimp video was molasses trying to load for me.


Me likes the snow. :thumbsup:


The live surface reconstruction, paper folding and point cloud skeletons…pretty awesome!

Thanks for sharing!


NP guys! :slight_smile: I almost wasn’t going to post this since I figured it might be on here already. I personally really like the 3d scanning stuff, like with the sunglasses, I wonder how you could build that rig.


I all ways make the stupid mistake of looking in the youtube comment section and seriously regret it every time…

But still a fascinating teaser, Some of the tech is out of this world, the paper folding looks stunning.


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