The Fundamentals: Timing exercises


I think there is a room for this forum for people who wish to practice the Fundamentals of art.
Things like drawing heads, hands, and people in poses etc.

One of the biggest fundamentals in animation is the ability to do a decent animation timing ball.

I did some research and here are some exercises I found that might be cool to practice animation timing.

Ok here is the mini challenge:

The rules are simple:
Do 1 animations of each of the following subjects:

  1. Wrecking Ball destroying a wall.>>IMAGE<<
  2. Cannon shooting a cannon ball.>>IMAGE<<
  3. Car taking a tight turn fast.>>IMAGE<<

If you cant post an animation, post a link to an image sequence.

Also please don’t use any hard body dynamics engines!
Key framed entries only.

There is no dateline so, post your results on this thread and we will comment on it.
After the dateline, post anyway. This thread is a practice thread for the fundamentals of timing.

The winner of the best drawing will get a NO-PRIZE on the mail.

Have fun, and lets start the road to learn to animate well.


If there is enough interest in this exercice I’ll post the objects pictured above.


those are all cool ,

but here are some exercises we do at animation class:

bouncing ball (which you did for the first excersize)

juicebox: a juice box enters frame from left has an emotion change throughout the animation and leaves from right , (200 frame limit)

Character jump over object (i would recommend this for the second one , teaches timing and many other things)

Walk cycle

Character interaction with a ball

Character interaction with a box (push , pull , lift , etc)

I think it would be more fun practicing timing with a character rather than a ball destroying a brick wall or cars. Thats just me though , keep the ideas coming.

cheers ,


Also ,

I think we should find a rig thats available for all the major software’s so everyone can focus on the anim instead of rigging.

is IK Joe available for everything or only maya?


Am I the only one checking this thread?

Lets hear some suggestions



I’m confused, the 24th is Friday night.



Roberto,I’m confused, the 24th is Friday night.

Yep one week.
The idea is to crack out these suckers fast.

In the long run, it helps, becuase u can do more work faster.
Anyway you can post your work after the dateline with no problem. (Hell I posted my “bouncing balls” 2 days later)

The idea is for you to practice and learn




Right, I understand the ‘one week’ but you said ‘Sunday’ the 24th and Sunday is the 26th, Friday is the 24th and I just wanted to make sure everyone had the right date for the end of the challenge.



I am in when you start with IK Joe, I know there is free IK joe for max and maya, dont know about other.


I need some fundamentals practice, I’m in.



For the next exercice Ill post a simple marionete model in DXF.


I love it sheep, I think those ideas are great so that we can really put ‘character’ into objects which really is the main goal, acting.

I really like the “Character interaction with a ball; Character interaction with a box (push , pull , lift , etc)”

maybe we can have a simple character, kinda low res, nothing super that requires skinning, just some joint parenting, and we can download a rigged one, or rig it ourselves.

what to do?.. ahh!



I’ll do it if models are provided, so that I don’t have to model :slight_smile:


I’ll send to all personal e-mails with the IP location on where you can download the models. The models were done in LW format, but I’ll export them to dxf and obj.

And TRi-14 check out this thread:



Just posting as they’re done


As promised,
the objects for the exercise
They are not rigged but it is a start.

If you want to you can use your own objects


I Have been working on my cannon, let me know what you think. - 1.2 megs

I think I might have overdone the squash and stretch but I guess better over done then not done at all.



Once comment on your canon Delicious, speed up the shooting of the canon ball. it should be like a one or two frame “BOOOM” and kicks the rig back.

Looking good though.



I like it. Maybe play with the squash/stretch. I think it might be talking a bit too long. Try shortening up the squashing and then lengthening the stretching (so it lasts while the cannon rolls back). Just an idea :slight_smile:

@Everyone, I am working on my anims, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get them done by fri. Hopefully I will!


Mechis post your work when it is ready!
Looking forward to it.