The French Maid And The Mummy, Steven Stahlberg (3D)


Title: The French Maid And The Mummy
Name: Steven Stahlberg
Country: Malaysia
Software: Maya, Photoshop

Fifi was hired at the mansion of the eccentric millionaire archeologist Bruce Jones, not for her cleaning skills and intelligence, but for her looks - although no one had bothered to tell her that… one day she blundered down into the very dusty basement, and wanting to earn her high pay she started dusting things…
I’m toying with the thought to do a follow-up image to this one day, to show what happens next - maybe she goes out on a date with him. :slight_smile:
Used Maya Mental Ray with FG, no GI… hdri, 2 red pontlights on the left, 2 spotlights on the right… misss_fast_skin shader on her and the candle, plain Lambert on him and most other stuff… fall-off transparency on the stockings…
Any C&C welcome!


funny pict Steven. Like it a lot.
Sexy, as usual, but more narrative as well and courageous. The face of the mummy is soooo cool.
Nothing to crit on the character, hot as it is. Props around are a bit too fresh to me. Bah. pay no mind.


looking good…, very sexy, [size=2]I would like to be the mummy!

[/size]love it! :scream:


5 stras


next great piece of art Steven - 2 questions - what time to complete and about ps work ? do you paint something ? btw great maid model and great candle effect.


Awsome work…yet again! Bravo. The best part is the grin on the mummy’s face!



[size=2]I would like to be the mummy![/size]

Believe me, you don’t want to be a mummy :scream:

I like every pixel of your work!
From the little candle to this georgeous girl it is done very well.

Would be cool another piece focusing on this character :slight_smile:



One more time, a great sexy and funny pic. BRAVO :bowdown:

The maid is really sexy … did you use a real model during the realisation :arteest: ?


Thanks! It took about a week, I was rushing to submit it for Expose 4 (and I’m not counting the long development of the female model).
The props, yes you’re right I should work some more on those.
Here are some closeups. I’d say about 1 or 2 percent of the details are hand painted in PS. I’m not happy that his teeth are so white, but I had to make his smile more visible somehow. :slight_smile:


FANTASTIC. like always!


hehe the mummy face is so nice! I have no problem with the white teeth at all
about the girl, well, it’s stahlberg standards, very very nice.

this is a really great image


And just to show Fifi in a more flattering light, a test rendering closeup (done before I started on this mummy-picture), where I’m using only hdri and the misss_skin_fast.


great humor in this piece. you remain an inspiration. thanks for your work!


HAHA, Steven you dirty monkey you! :wink:

Great pic, and I agree about not being able to see the smile. In fact I didn’t even realize it until you mentioned that it was a smile. (Then again I do medical animation so anything skull related looks like grin to me.) Mybe if you over emphasized the size of the smile and pulled it up more at the corners. It’s pretty flat along the upper lip and didn’t read as a smile to me. More like a lack of lip tissue, but that goes back to the medical side of me talking. Perhaps even more expression on the face itself. Might as well push the “fantasy” side of the concept.


Ho my good, this is incredible, the girl look fantastic :love: … please remove the mummy and put me!! :scream:

Ok now is time for front page!!



greaaaaaaaaaaaaaat !! I love the smile on the mummy face :slight_smile:



THIS IS AMAZING! she looks kinda hot :love: 5 stars :wink:


Crazy idea :smiley: great lighting and colours :slight_smile:


looks really nice as always. :slight_smile: I like the concept as well. Only negative thing I will say about it is that something about her pose doesn’t sit right with me. I could be completely wrong about this, but it seems like her legs tilt back just a little too much. If she weren’t in heels it might be okay, but I’m not sure that in them she would be in balance. I’m not an expert on those things. It’s just a thought I had.


Very very nice picture,
I really like the little candle, it give a nice touche. The render is really beautifull , like the modelling… Like all your work!
Beautifull, and funny, nothing more…