As a long-time MODO user (both personally and professionally) I enjoy entertaining these contest ideas as a means of continuing my creative efforts, as well as serving as a catalyst to furthering my understanding of the software.

As such, I will be chronicling much of my progress here.

The logic that I have endeavored to apply to my entry is perhaps a less-than-literal interpretation of the original premise. As their time travel methods developed, it became apparent that they could easily incorporate their technology into anything that they wanted. Rather than supplying their ground-breaking quantum technology for military or industrial use, The Foundry requisitioned a tool of pure individualistic creativity whilst identifying the need for a suitable method of transportation; The Foundry TIME - v.SUKETOBODO was born.

Any modeling, UVing, texturing, shading, lighting, rendering will be done in MODO. Any post will be done using Adobe Photoshop / AfterEffects, but if I can get my hands on a trial of NUKE for the duration of the project I will likely use that instead.

“Shred the Past, or Carve Your Future…”

More to come soon.
Winston Patrick Brathwaite


Renders of relative progress: