The Foundry MODO: Time Travel Challenge - Support Thread


Thank you all so much for a fun challenge! The winners are (drumroll) …

See you again soon for the next challenge!

Cheers, Mike


Congratulations to all winners.
Maybe I’ll try again in the next challenge.


Congratulations to all the winners! It was a fun contest, I thought I saw all the print entries, but that one slipped by me somehow, wow it’s really nice! This was the first CG Challenge I entered and didn’t expect to win, I had a lot of fun and have a time machine to pop in my portfolio now :slight_smile: Good choices by the judges. Cheers.


Congratulations to all winners !!

It would be good to see more in regard of the strength of the emotive and narrative elements that is mentioned at:

We did not see such coments from the judges… lots of comments regarding technique though.



Congratulations to all winners! :applause:
It was a great challenge.


Congratulations to winners! Great job everybody. It was really fun and I learnt a lot of new stuff.

Btw I agree with dp76, more comments from judges will be nice in future :wink: