The Foundry MODO: Time Travel Challenge - Support Thread


Is it possible to download the 14 day trial off their website? Would that be considered a ‘new’ license.

Another idea: don’t turn off your computer! I wonder if the license would kick you out of modo as soon as it expires.


Thanks Miekd. The licence will run out ‘today’ so I guess there was a day 0 in the countdown.
I am still confused with the CGtalk countdown. Do we have to deliver before the 22nd or at the end of the day?


I asked Emma from The Foundry and her response is ‘Yep’. So yes, you can use The Foundry’s logo/s. sorry for the delay.


The embedded image isn’t loading. I have checked the uploader and it is working correctly.

if anyone has upload issues please email me before the deadline, and attach the image & description (i’ll upload them myself if needed).


I have the countdown set for 23:59:59 22nd September Pacific Standard Time. I don’t know how MODO licence time works, it’s out of my hands.


Trying to upload video file… it’s a no go. Not sure if it’s the poor internet speed where we are or another problem.
I will upload the video to my Vimeo site and add a link via a dummy image… all I can think of at this late stage in the game.
Is their another way?


I was under the impression that the timer showed how much time we had left. I would have saved some images to work with. Modo stopped working this morning without warning. Now it says the trial is over. Who can I contact about this. I just need to get back in to save some pictures, and I can do the rest in Photoshop. I spent two months on this and would be very sad to not be able to show the results. Any help with who I might contact would be great. It would stick to have to settle for the low quality test renders I saved earlier.


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What is the minimal resolution of final entry image please ?


Tampering with time are mostly not end well :smiley:
Probably because of the time difference my demo license has expired, so I was not able to make a final render. On the main page the clock showed that the remaining 8 hours … I could ask someone to render my file, but now it’s 2h AM in my Time, its difficult to find someone awake.
I would still finish this, whether it is allowed to post work somewhere on the forum, there’s probably a suitable place for it.


Modo trial ended –ugh! Anybody else having the same problem?

This definitely falls under technical issues; therefore I will reluctantly wield the extension hammer! 48 hours have been added to the Challenge clock. We are waiting on news from The Foundry about an extension to the trial (but it’s 2AM where they are).

I’m not sure of the technical hoops that they will have to jump through to extend the trial, so if you can find alternatives, like a friend’s/work’s machine, or whatever, to render your final entry please do so!


Great news! Should be enough time to get my entry in. :bounce:

For those who’ve submitted already, you now have more time to finesse. :cool:


Hi, there isn’t any minimal res. Just make it big enough to print :slight_smile:


Great, time extend. :thumbsup:


hmm interesting :frowning:


Am I dreaming or is it Time Machine moved me two days ago. :eek: :eek: :eek: :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

Some of you have had a problem with your MODO trials. Apologies about that! We’ve tested a new automated system for this challenge and there was a little hiccup, which the time difference doesn’t help with :frowning:

Don’t panic though! The challenge has been extended by 48hours so you can all get your entries in on time. And you can easily get your hands on a trial license by going to THIS SITE HERE. Just follow the process and you will have MODO in mins.

Not ideal, really sorry if this has caused you problems.

If you get stuck please email us: with the subject ‘CGS MODO Trial’

Thanks everyone, really excited to see your entries!!


Nice job Emma!

It seems appropriate that we have, so to speak, travelled back in time 2 days.


I know right! Kind of glad I picked this theme now.

Embarrassing, thanks for your understanding though :slight_smile:


I am left with several pics that I was trying to upload at time of the contest ending. I did get the trial again, even though I had trouble downloading the files from the site. The Modo became crash happy. I will post my page, so someone can see them…ARRRRGH!


… unless you have some kind of TARDIS thing. If so, welcome back. If not, time to sleep!

Thank you all so much for taking part in this challenge!

Now we hand your gems to the judges. I will keep you all in the loop:)