The Foundry MODO: Time Travel Challenge - Support Thread


Pretty sure it’s Gotham and Gotham rounded for the products (Modo, Katana, etc.)



Hi there,

I know you’ve answered this to a degree above i just wanted to be sure. If i work on a TV spot and have somebody doing animation, somebody doing compositing and me doing modelling etc. for example. Can i still enter as long as they are credited? and does it reduce my chances of doing well?

Thanks in advance


If I want to use any music (being not the author of the piece of music) in my TV Ad Entry, what type of License can I use?



would I ve disqualified if my commercial was much longer? say around 2 minutes?


The duration is up to you. You definitely won’t be disqualified if you’re video is longer or shorter.


Yes, you can enter. No, it won’t reduce your chances. go team!


last question - for now :slight_smile: - I’m assuming yes, but is it o.k. to use assets from the Modo asset sharing section?



Hey, Rhys

You’ve posted a while ago that we can request additional pieces of The Foundry’s software by writing to Emma Handley. Is it true, can I request NukeX and Mari extended licenses for this challenge?
I wrote to Emma, but she didn’t answered yet. I assume she is still busy with the Siggraph. So how can I get these licenses, if it’s possible?

And the other question:
Can I use stock photos/footages? If yes, what type of license should I buy a commersical one or non-commercial would be just fine?



Hello CGS staff,

I’m currently on the V-Ray for Modo beta. Am I allowed to use this for the challenge?



1.- Is necesary to show the machine, or it can be a service and use a creative campain for selling it for tv advertising?



I’m in the same position as Blacknaag. I’ve contacted the Foundry regarding extended licenses for other softwares and although I did recieve one response requesting further information from me I haven’t heard anything since I replied. I’ve now reached an impasse with my project where I am unable to move forward with it satisfactorily. I’m working with live action footage and as my 15 day license for Nuke expired 2 weeks ago I haven’t been able to do any work on the integration of my 3D and 2D elements.

Is there anybody else we can contact about licenses?


That is a good question. As long as you’re using modo, you don’t have to show the time machine if you don’t want to.

@HieSpike @Blacknaag @ChewyPixels, & @maevey:
Sorry for the delay, I don’t know myself.
I’m trying to get Emma, or someone from the foundry to answer your questions.
Thank you.


Good day, I have a question about the contest.
I chose to make a “Print Advertisement”.
For that category, Do I need to use MODO? or Can I use only photoshop or a similar program?

I’m sorry if the answer is obvious, but I really want to check that.

Thank you!


I tried to upload entry, but have PHP error ?
The images are in JPG format, not too big resolution.
one of images
Unfortunately I’m not very good with these things, otherwise use Mozilla Firefox.


@alekba please try uploading again. for some reason the image didn’t get uploaded.

note: you can only upload one image at a time.

if it is still not working, please email me the image you are trying to upload along with a description and I will upload for you. (


Thank you for your reply and kindness. I tried again, this time it’s even worse. For some reason the image is not displayed.
Perhaps an interesting concept, but that’s not what I wanted :smiley:
I now have the problem of how to delete this. Maybe the problem is my internet provider, earlier had some strange problems because of him.
I’ll try to find an answer, in the meantime, I do not know how to erase the wrong entry.
Your kind offer will be my last chance .



What on earth is going on.

I have uploaded the image you posted under your name:

You can edit it using the blue ‘Edit Entry’ button

If you can take me step-by-step over what you are doing to get these errors, that could be very helpful.


I guess that was some of of Murphy laws :slight_smile:
There can be many reasons, the solution requires technical knowledge about these things, or am I doing something wrong. I uploaded the image with step by step process.
and this is the concept
thanks for your effort


When we upload we need to use a markee to mask the upload.

does this mean final image need to have same height and width?



after you upload your entry, the next step is to select a square thumbnail from your entry using the built in thumbnail tool. is that what you’re asking?
feel free to try uploading something so you can see what happens, you can always delete it after if you need.