The Foundry MODO: Time Travel Challenge - Support Thread


Yep all sounds good!


That would be perfectly fine, just make sure you credit everyone involved of course. Also, the prizes won’t increase, so keep that in mind :slight_smile:


Guys for the product design am i able to design a structure or part of a build or does it have to be a device you can hold?


hmm , that means no ZBrush I suppose. Hmm, quite a challenge :smiley:


In regards to the TV Advertising category, what ratio of 3D to live action should we stay within? Also, would using After Effects for comp fall outside the only-Modo-for-3d condition?

Thanks! Psyched!


EDIT OK, already know where to post the WIP, so obvious,lol


I’ve installed MODO 801 this morning, i’ve downloaded the license attached to the email, but when i run MODO it says “MODO requires that a valid license key be on your system. It appears that your license has been corrupted or otherwise made unusable”. What i have to do?


Ive never used mode before but ive used other 3d software , this is a great time to push modo and see what it can really do . Learn and you go, i got the interface down and the tools. Now its time for the art flow .Lets stick to the rules , only modo .


You might have another lic file in your app data folder, probably maybe from an older demo?


Hi guys,
Thanks Emma for clarifying about collaboration.

I would have thought that as long as it’s totally clear what work the entrant has done in a breakdown there should be no confusion.



Modo is only 64-bit, i can use Blender please ? ^^
I knew that impose the use of a software on a challenge wasn’t a good idea…


Hi Alonzo;

I still cannot get Modo to work on my machine. I have a Mac. I can download all Modo files and open them until I try to register and I get to the part that asks for until I get to the ‘install to disk’ part. There is no file to locate and the temp license attachment is grayed out. Not sure how to complete the software install. Would you mind sharing?

Thanks, S Hunter


Have you joined the challenge, clicked the ‘download modo’ and filled in the form?
After you fill in the form the license file with instructions are emailed to you.



Is it possible to use Poser for background characters? Imported, modified textured and rendered in modo of course.


That is totally fine! :slight_smile:


As it’s a 3D MODO challenge, you just need to keep that in mind as that’s the main element that will be judged.

You can use After Effects.

To be clear everyone, you need to use MODO 801 as your main 3D Application which you can download for free by clicking ‘enter challenge’. You are allowed to use other software too.


You can use other software, MODO 801 (which you can download for free by clicking enter challenge) just needs to be your main 3D application.


good news Emma, ZBrush back in the game. MODO + ZBrush is killer combination.


Yes but my system is 32 bit, i can’t install it. I’m just a hobbyist, not a 3D guru with a war machine. :stuck_out_tongue:


There´s a Modo linux version, so you could install one of the free linux distros to run it.