The Foundry MODO: Time Travel Challenge - Support Thread


Hello and welcome to the MODO: Advertisement for Time Travel Support Thread.

Please read the FAQ, Terms & Conditions and other posts in this thread before asking a question.

Have fun and good luck.



Can we use mudbox or zbrush for detailing do we have strictly use MODO for everything?



Can anyone participate on the challenge? or is just for people that lives on the U.S.?


Hello, a user can modify the continuum or it is just an observer, or the interpretation is free ?


Any one in the world can join in - past, present and future :slight_smile:


How to download modo 801


Having issue downloading MODO 801…all links point to a 25$usd 30 trial.
15 day trail isn’t going to work for many people.
What gives?

figured it out! ENTER the contest to get your version JonathanCaro3d


Had the same issue, but the very nice thefoundry support explained how to get Modo801 for the competition. :thumbsup:

As HorrorShow stated you have to enter the challenge first, then you get access to Modo 801, the Samples and Assets.


Can you tell me where to put WIP`s for this contest? Is this forum is right place and can I upload images to CGsociety forums?


I want to know more about the softwares which can be used for this challenge.
Is it better to use only MODO, or is it “OK” to use a workflow like ZBRUSH (modeling & sculpting)+MODO (modeling & rendering);and also photoshop & illustrator ( typo, compositing…for the print) ?


I guess this is somewhat of a redundant question but since multiple entries are allowed, is it allowed to enter multiple images as one entry?
If you are submitting to the print advertisement category and have one slogan but applied to 2-3 different ideas that are all part of the same campaign.



Hey there… I wanted to know that:

how do you enter multiple entries… i.e. if you have all 3 product, print and advertisement ??


Since we are allowed to submit multiple entries can we also submit entries in two different categories?


You need to use MODO 801 as your main 3D application to create your entry, but other applications can be used to complete your project for texturing, compositing etc.

You can get a MODO 801 download by entering the challenge.


Hi, two questions:

  1. Can I use Mesh Fusion (modo plugin) to model the time machine?
  2. Can I use World machine to generate a mountain map for my environment (which will be then textured and rendered in modo)




I’m hoping to make an advert, but want to check if collaboration is ok.

For example I’d like to shoot live action and greenscreens, then composite-in modo rendered elements using nuke, but obviously I can’t be the actor, operate the camera hold up the green screen, do the sound etc all at the same time, so I’d like to involve my friends.



I have attempted to make downloading modo easier to follow. but basically you need to join the challenge first, then click the big ‘Download Modo’ button. :thumbsup:


I have added the following FAQ.

Q: Can I use other tools and software in conjunction with MODO?
Your entry needs to be done using MODO, but you can use other non 3D software. If you would like to use another piece of software from The Foundry’s collection email to request an extended license for the challenge.


After joining the challenge, there will be a button to ‘upload entry’. use this to upload Concept Art, WIP & Your Final Entry.

If you want to create a WIP thread, you’re welcome to do so either in this forum, or the WIP Forum.


Yeah, that sounds good. :thumbsup:
simply upload your final entries separately, and select ‘final entry’ for each.