Name: Cyril TERPENT
Country: France
Software: Photoshop

I wanted to make a new charadesign but I wanted to push the picture to a next level and have a character more realistic.
I worked on this illustration with some photo manipulation and a lot of digital painting.

C&C are welcome.



[color=white]Here you have some work steps. I started with a photo it was my first source of inspiration otherwise she’s not all that I want she give to me the structure and the proportion of the face she’s just a amount of time. Next I painted all the element that I wanted and mixed different technics, photo manipulation, texture, and a lot of painting ( I created a lot of new brush for this one ).[/color]



the mouth looks like a bit tilted in a wrong way but i just cannot put my finger on it.
but nevertheless, WOW, the whole image is sothing to just studie for, expecially the texture & the colormood of it all. keep it up :applause:



This looks badass.


I’m very proud to announced that “The Forgotten” will be published in Exotique 4.
Thank you Ballistic!


Very nice work CyrilT! I really can sense the emotional pain behind his eyes. Really evocative work. Congrats for Exotique!


Nicely treated.



Thank you for the comments and compliments.:slight_smile:


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