The Forget Time, Metalcrazer (3D)


Title: The Forget Time
Name: Metalcrazer
Country: China
Software: 3dsmax

ervryone at first

i maust say i am not be good at english

this image is for memory of the forgot times

some paint tool

in the new century new method for fineart

the classic method look likes too old

but someone still can remember them


that looks so real
nice conception…:slight_smile:


Whoa! Thats awesome, I wish I could do that!!

Tiiiiny crit, the clock and one of the bottles are parallel to the edge of the table, and it looks unnaturally ordered. Maybe rotate them round a bit.

Keep it up!!


Very nice work. Beaughtiful image not only photorealistic but great composition and lighting. I dont quite like the clock thing because it seems out of place. Maybe you could include a piece of parchment with chinese scriptures. Very nice image, beaughtiful lighting. deservers front page plug.


Superb lighting, great composition. Excelent image! I love it. Very realistic.



This is Photo? :slight_smile:

Very great work! :thumbsup: 5 star


its funny the type of scenes people choose to model.An ugly scene like that in real life looks beautiful in realistic 3d.
I love it.

Only critique is the edge of the table, It looks too smooth you may want to give it a few jagged edges.

nice work.


Very atmospheric …
Nice work! :eek:


nice rendering!..and of course your materials are really impressive…i could swear this one is a picture!!..but is a cg art piece…good job man! crits:thumbsup:


Exellent detail.:applause: Great work!!!



wow. that looks very realistic. lighting is great. you modeled those items from your own collection?


:applause: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :applause:

Very nice pic. Great concept, materials and lighting. I love it.


very nice image! pleasant to look at. my only crit is about the small pillow at the bottom. it looks too perfectly straight on the sides. and the clock really stands out. i think it’s the shader. looks great, though!


Awesome image! Incredibly photorealistic! :slight_smile: Congratulations!

Did you render it in the Scanline renderer…?!? :twisted:


wow at first i must say : that’s the perfect work i have dreamed…rocks! more details about this work? what s the renderer? how long it taked to render it ? maybe some tips about lighting?plz :scream:
ps: which city do you living in?


very good…


Absolutely stunning work :slight_smile:


Really good work :thumbsup:


i was thinking… this forum is only for CG art, not for photography !? lol

Just kidding ! :stuck_out_tongue:
very good work guy !!!


nice composition