the forest NO.2, Han Xue (2D)


Real nice work
nise color idea and appearance,composition!!!
Respect for you


hi, your nice piece of art caught my attention on the frontpage. its so colorful and vivid. I also like the composition and depth. your playful style makes it really stand out and I enjoyed looking at it a lot, so I just had to post some praise! I wouldn’t worry about realism too much, stick to that style, its really lovely! :slight_smile:


is so good! love it~:thumbsup: 加油期待更好的作品



The color is extremely good! I like the fairy tale style,




hi ,i think maybe i know you.r u from PDE?


wonderfull color and good feeling.i like it.


hey!How do u know me?I’v been in PDE befor half a year.
and you?


congratulation!Han Xue!

btw, what is PDE?

I am a student in BeiJing Film Academy(北京电影学院)



Wow,that’s a great school!I very envy you.
PDE is a Game company.


I am using this painting as my wallpaper, because it gives me a happy feeling!


Thanks everybody!I’m so glad:) .I’v knew many friends here–it’s the most harvest of me!


Just beautiful.


Fabulous, beautifull, full of Magic! Awesome colors and lights, excelent and superb work. Congrats! :thumbsup:




Shape and color is perfect!


cool. Nice cartoony style. like the mood and colors, good work!


I really like it!
Diferent Style!
Congrats! 5 Stars!


Looks really nice.
I feel the source of the light is missing.
good luck


I’ve never been harvested before, but I’m all for it!


Work style very unified, chart very attractive .China cg is feltproud diligently for you. ha-ha ,strives for more good works. I anticipatevery much well,come on ,girl!


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