The Flying circus, Simon Blanc (3D)


Many thanks Simon :wink:
Thanks for the WIP! so much work… it’s interesting to see it step by step
I can imagine that it won’t be easy to find the same perspective and proportion in your 3D scene…well done!

Hope to see your next work soon :wink:


Hehe surprisingly the prespective kinda work in the 3D environment, i kept that in mind while doing the picture so it could be used for some animation :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll try to show that in the making of :wink:


Just, gorgeous, what else?


Fantastic work! Bravo!


Beautiful work! :thumbsup:


Hi Simon,you really well done…I loved the colors and everything looks so beautiful.


Man, that looks really awesome! I like that cartoonish, slightly realistc style of your image. :slight_smile:


Amazing. Love it!


nice work… love it


wow Simon, that is awesome! the bright colours makes the fantasy scene look like a screen from the animated movie Dragon Hunters. nice.


Wonderful :thumbsup:


Fantastic job!


What a lucky niece!


Very nice work.


Hi Simon,really really nice job!!!
Hope you can produce a short animation in this style!
:thumbsup: Thumbs up!


amazing work. i love it.


fantastic :applause:


excellent work! so fantastic! and great color combination!


Amazing work :arteest: :applause: It is very stylized. I love it. :drool: :applause:


Thanks a TON for the comments guys !
Lays: i would loove to see an animation in this environment, with a cool story etc … maybe someday !