The Flying circus, Simon Blanc (3D)


Positive work is really cool.
improved mood, cool colors. :thumbsup:


Here are some 100% crops from the 8K original!


Too good! I love it. You rock :stuck_out_tongue:


only 8k!!! com’on man… BIGGER BIGGER!
totally awesome job there simon! your niece is gonna love it!


Haha thanks guys :slight_smile:
making of is coming soon with some screen grabs , wireframes etc !


<Not necessary post of congratulations for you awesomeness ON>


<Not necessary post of congratulations for you awesomeness OFF>


Hey Simon, absolutely beautiful!


Another master piece !! congrat ! :thumbsup:


very nice work! great composition
best regards


very nice work :wink:


Nice concept, Olivier is great and outstanding work!! Congrats!


The textures, mainly the rocks and the soil are excellent, thanks for sharing it Simon.



awesome ilustration , very heartwarming.
Great work :slight_smile:


Fantastic image, love it!


Thanks a ton for all the cool comments guys !!
i’m working on a making of and i will post a few more pics in here very soon!



Great piece of artwork…Those details on soil and rock are awesome…I just love the way soil overlaps stone stairs… great work…


Wonderful illustration!!


Yeaaah really nice work Simon!

Lighting is really beautiful!
It’s really nice to see this 3D version of my illustration :wink:
I can’t imagine how much time it take to do this 3D version…there is so much details! wow!
Many thanks Simon

Hope to see your next work very soon :wink:



olive2d !!! I 'm so happy you like the final version ! it was a BLAST to make this one, your universe is really fantastic and i felt like floating in the sky all along while working on it :slight_smile:
Thanks again for letting me do this one, and the next one is coming soon hehehe :wink:
As you said it’s a lot of work before getting all these details in, 8K is no joke haha.
Here is an evolution picture of the process, boy seing that first render reminds me how far the image comes from O_o!
HAve a great day everybody !


good idea.colours a wonderful…