The Flying circus, Simon Blanc (3D)


Thanks a TON for the comments guys !
Lays: i would loove to see an animation in this environment, with a cool story etc โ€ฆ maybe someday !


Simon, this is just ridiculous! Such a gorgeous render. I want to pack my things and move right in.

Canโ€™t wait for the making of. Thanks for sharing this wonderful image, and nice work to Olivier on the beautiful illustration.



great work I really like it!




it is very nice


Great job. I would love to see your making-of.

No pressure! :beer:


Looks like animation movie, very beautiful.


Simply amazing. I love both the 2d and 3d versions!


WOW, this is just amazing!! Great work, wonderful piece!! :bowdown:


Very nice work!! congrats Simon :beer:


Awesome! lovely feelings. Thanks for sharing. :applause:


i like this Topic!!!really fantastic!!


Great job Simon. Love the hole atmosphere of it. It seems a great adventure is going to happen ^^ The most interesting thing is that it looks more as a illustration than actually a 3d piece. Love it.

Keep up the good work




excellent job.I love it


I really enjoy fanciful work that really stretches your imagination. Placing the girl in the work makes it feel more inviting and welcoming. :thumbsup:


I can see this concept turning into the next Dreamworks or Pixar animated movie. Great job


Your niece is very lucky!


amazing work! :bounce:


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