The Flying circus, Simon Blanc (3D)


Fantastic job!


What a lucky niece!


Very nice work.


Hi Simon,really really nice job!!!
Hope you can produce a short animation in this style!
:thumbsup: Thumbs up!


amazing work. i love it.


fantastic :applause:


excellent work! so fantastic! and great color combination!


Amazing work :arteest: :applause: It is very stylized. I love it. :drool: :applause:


Thanks a TON for the comments guys !
Lays: i would loove to see an animation in this environment, with a cool story etc … maybe someday !


Simon, this is just ridiculous! Such a gorgeous render. I want to pack my things and move right in.

Can’t wait for the making of. Thanks for sharing this wonderful image, and nice work to Olivier on the beautiful illustration.



great work I really like it!




it is very nice


Great job. I would love to see your making-of.

No pressure! :beer:


Looks like animation movie, very beautiful.


Simply amazing. I love both the 2d and 3d versions!


WOW, this is just amazing!! Great work, wonderful piece!! :bowdown:


Very nice work!! congrats Simon :beer:


Awesome! lovely feelings. Thanks for sharing. :applause:


i like this Topic!!!really fantastic!!