The Flying circus, Simon Blanc (3D)


Title: The Flying circus
Name: Simon Blanc
Country: United States
Software: 3ds max, Digital Fusion, Photoshop, VRay, ZBrush

Hi everybody :slight_smile:
I’m happy to share with you all my latest creation, The Flying circus !
The concept is from Olivier Derouetteau , an awesome french artist , i fell in love with his concept and decided to contact him to see if i could realise it in 3D .

This picture is originaly 4200*8000 pixels (8K) as it’s been made to print on a BIG poster for my niece, the hard part was to have nice details in that resolution!

you can find a 4k resolution on my website at :

On the software side, i kept it simple using 3Dsmax , Zbrush, Photoshop and rendering with Vray.

I hope you’ll like it and dream of adventure !
Simon Blanc


This is really fantastic - in both senses of the word! Would have been nice to see some creative development of Derouetteau’s ideas, however.


I also love the works of Olivier Derouetteau, and you have done an exceptional job capturing it in 3D. This is certainly one of the best 3D versions of his Flying Circus image that I have seen. Keep up the good work!


Very Nice , a beginning to an adventure indeed! When i look at this , I can feel the excitement of childhood adventure again.

If I were to make a small suggestion, it would be to put someone waving from a window :wavey: , just a subtle dynamic between the interior and exterior of the circus.

I think its great! Well done.


Mmm… Very nice!


Wonderful illustration!


great work i love it the color :applause:


There’s something very special about this - I love it. It looks superb in the high resolution. Beautiful! :slight_smile:


Hey Simon!
This is simply amazing! :bowdown:


An eyecandy!!! Beautiful work!


Incredible nice picture!
I love the composition and color combination!


WOW!!..that’s all I want to say:)


So nice Simon!


very nice work :wink:


Hi Simon,
Excellent work, excellent landscape and it is very well done. I just miss o bit of fog on the castle and background, perhaps it could bring more depth to the image.



Great Work Simon! :slight_smile:


Amazing work you got there, congratulations !!


Hey Simon… this is amazing. I remember seeing some WIP but this looks really polished.

How are things going over there, can’t wait to see all the trailers for E3!


Holly Bollocks! Great Simon! nice to see you alive :wink:

Say Hello to everybody over there!



Thanks a TON everyone for the cool comments ! Really glad the picture brought you a bit of color ! It was really fun to make :smiley:

Kylekuhlman > i agree there could be more life around the castle, that would be awesome for an animated scene ! on the still illustration i tried to respect to the maximum Olivier’s concept , i even think that the fact that we can’t see anybody makes it really mysterious… adventure tatataaa :smiley:
Interceptov >> how are you doing Toni !! we miss you here :wink:
Chewi >> Same for you Luis we miss you bad here at Blur :smiley: donde esta el chewi !